Think Trail Running is for Casual Runners? Think Again


The Gay Games are an international multi-sport and culture festival, run by the LGBT community for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender, age and sporting ability. Running every four years since 1982, the next Games are scheduled in Paris in 2018 with over 15,000 people expected to participate in 36 different sporting events. Hong Kong is currently bidding to host this event in 2022. It is expected that hosting the Games will bring at least half a billion HK dollars economic impact to the city. Gay Games Hong Kong 2022(#GGHK2022) are delighted to announce that they have formally applied to the Federation of Gay Games to include Trail Running!


Many runners who’ve spent years running “serious” road and track races tend to look suspiciously on the recent growth and popularity of trail running events. After all, how can you possibly set a new PR on a course that offers hills, uneven footing, narrow trails with little room for passing? The truth is that for both new and experienced runners, trail running offers a number of benefits that can help you enjoy your running more, protect yourself from injuries, and even improve your race times on the roads and on the track. For example trail running surfaces are much softer than the asphalt you’ll find when running around town. Softer surfaces mean fewer injuries, not only due to lower impact forces, but also because you’ll build more strength in the muscles that help stabilize your lower leg. These muscles help absorb impact forces and provide more support—no matter what surface you’re running on—and that can add up to fewer injuries.


There is also the challenge of exploring new wonderful trails full of adventure. Runners have always been left in awe by the beauty of Hong Kong running and hiking paths, but to spice the run a bit more, new running routes have been introduced to keep the zeal and passion for running alive. HKrunning has compiled a comprehensive database of running trails in Hong Kong you should definitely check out. With over 200 routes to explore, your running experience can become exceptional. Be sure to sign up and participate in #GGHK2022 to run fast and furiously on the lovely trails of Hong Kong!

We are still in need of Donations! Please show your support for #GGHK2012, and make your Donation via PayPal at ““. Stay tuned for the next Gay Games fundraising night!


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