Tips for a Happy, Healthy Chinese New Year


New Year’s is a time when people reflect on various aspects of life, particularly a renewed focus on diet and exercise. Balancing health and wellness is critical, and a nourishing diet is key to accomplishing this. Omega-3’s are a part of a class of essential fatty acids needed for a healthy diet and can be found in premium Nordic farm products like Flodins’ Omega-3 pork. The consistent high quality of Flodins pork means that the best results are always attainable, for each and every meal. Here are a few tips for a Happy, Healthy Chinese New Year:


Nurture Your Shen

Need a fresh start? Connecting with yourself and your loved ones will help renew your spirit. Here are some easy ways to do it:


  • Unplug: Take an hour of silence, without any electronics or gadgets, each day. This is especially important before bed to promote a deeper, healing rest.
  • Rekindle your passion for personal hobbies like cooking, woodworking, fishing, hiking and so much more. Whatever your passion is, carve out time for yourself.
  • Take a break from your busy schedules and reconnect with friends. This will nourish your soul and give you support you may need. Enjoy a chat over tea or coffee, or take a walk together.
  • Give yourself a nice treat, which does not necessarily have to be extravagant. A long bubble bath while listening to some music and sipping wine.  Splurge on a new perfume. Read the novel or see the movie everyone’s talking about.


Celebrate with food that nourishes you.

Be mindful of the extra fat and sodium in Holiday foods, especially take-out. Instead, cook a delicious meal with ingredients that are good for the whole body. For example, make your own “power bowl” with grilled Omega-3 pork, black rice (a powerful antioxidant), sautéed with immune-boosting shiitake mushrooms, ginger and a touch of raw garlic. Omega-3 pork is now available for home chefs at select TASTE ParknShop Supermarkets! (Kowloon Tong, Festival Walk – Discovery Bay Plaza – Stanley Plaza – Wan Chai, Hopewell Centre – Tai Tam, Hong Kong Parkview.)


If you feel you’ve lost control of your health or other important parts of your life, Chinese New Year is a wonderful time to take steps to improve your overall being and create a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Keep it simple; take time for yourself and include healthy foods like Flodins premium Omega-3 pork in your diet. This will enhance your objective of having a healthy New Year, full of happiness.


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