Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 Ambassador: Vivek Mahbubani


The Gay Games have never before been held  in Asia; geographically the world’s largest  continent and home to an estimated 221 million LGBT people. Asia is also a region where homophobia and acceptance unfortunately are still active issues. The struggle to overcome these is ongoing. The Gay Games is a multifaceted sporting event aimed at bridging the gap between the world and the LGBT community by organizing energizing and exciting games for everyone who loves sports. #GGHK2022 Ambassador Vivek Mahbubani, a bilingual Hong Kong based stand-up comedian is here to tickle your funny bone and  get you ready to hustle for the games!


Vivek has been doing much to promote diversity, including being a host for Community Business Diversity & Inclusion Night, Asia’s first benchmark for assessing workplace practices for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) employees.

Here is what Vivek has to say why he supports hosting the Gay Games in Hong Kong:

“I grew up loving games, sports and anything that had a challenging element to it. Heck, my fitting in as one of the only non-Chinese kids in my school was a challenge but eventually all that hard work paid off. The Gay Games takes that same aspect that I love and will take it to a whole new level, not only elevating the status of Hong Kong as Asia’s world city, but making it Asia’s most welcoming city, setting up a platform for people of all shapes, sizes, angles and interests to come together and enjoy the games. And to that I say, GAME ON!”


Vivek Mahbubani, one of the funniest guys in the world, spreads laughter in Hong Kong in both Cantonese and English. This talented comedian earned the title of Funniest Comedian in Chinese (2007) and English (2008) and is also known for hosting the HK TV show, known as “Hong Kong Stories” by RTHK. Moreover, this multitalented performer is a drummer of the heavy metal band namely “Eve of Sin” and is also a self-employed web designer and developer. This should give you the idea of how absolutely amazing Vivek Mahbubani abilities are and what his support means to Gay Games Hong Kong 2022.

After much hard work and collaboration; the #GGHK2022 Bid Book is complete and submitted to the Federation of Gay Games! See all 300 pages for yourself, download available here. Contributions welcome!



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