Why Traditional Pen and Paper is Still Important in Today’s Technological World


As the world has evolved so have the needs of the individuals who dwell in it. In context with this, Le Luxury, an online merchant, caters to the needs of its customers in the most efficient and effective manner. Be it classic jewelry, stylish pens or decorative pieces, Le Luxury is your one-stop solution for everything! The Schneider Epsilon Touch Ballpoint Pen is a prime example of this; a top-quality ballpoint pen utilizing Schneider’s innovative Viscoglide ink. While technology has changed the way we communicate our ideas, writing still remains an integral part of our lives. The traditional pen and paper is still important in today’s technological world. Here’s a few reasons why:


  • It gives you a break from being glued to the computer screen 24×7
  • Laptop battery dead? Maybe you’re walking down the street and an idea hits you. Or you’re on a train, looking out the window, and you see something inspiring that you want to get down as quickly as possible. Pen and paper work everywhere!
  • Procrastination is made much harder. If you are on your computer, you have access to funny cats videos, Facebook updates, games and more. The temptation  to do anything other than work is powerful.  Writing away from the computer will help you get away from all the distractions, and focus on the task on hand.


If you are looking for the perfect pen then Le Luxury has a nice collection of Schneider Pens that are classy and stylish. Created in the late 1940’s to produce superior refills for the imported American pens, Schneider quickly grew to be one of Germany’s largest pen producers. The Schneider Epsilon Touch is a retractable pen with a comfortable grooved barrel and touch screen stylus on the cap. It utilizes Schneider’s innovative Viscoglide ink – a high-performance hybrid ink that combines the best features of traditional ballpoint ink and gel ink. Super-smooth writing action and very fast-drying, the Viscoglide technology ensures exceptionally easy, gliding writing. The ink dries quickly so that a highlighter can be used without smudging the writing. These pens are available now at Le Luxury eBay Store. So, order yours today and start writing right away!

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