Asian Youth Orchestra’s Top Tips for a Successful Audition


“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”  ~Alexander Graham Bell

The Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO), as always, has impressed the audience of music lovers as well as satisfied their quench for good classical music. Not only are talented youth polished to perfection, but they are also given a chance to perform in front of a global audience. Every orchestra and audition committee is unique. However, there are a few fundamental audition concepts that are likely to lead to a performance that will get positive attention from practically any audition committee.

Read below to discover 5 tips that might sweep you off towards success.


  • Mastering the basics is the key to success. First impressions are key, and your jitters will likely be greatest before you begin playing, so practice the first line or two of each piece to death, making sure this is rock-solid and that you feel exceedingly comfortable with the very opening.
  • Be Prepared – You never know what a committee will ask for, and while you can’t possibly have everything prepared at the same high level, you can at least develop a comfort level with unpredictability, such that you aren’t thrown off your game when asked to begin with the piece that you least expected them to ask for.
  • Develop a pre-performance routine- you may feel nervous just thinking of auditioning. Try developing a mental routine to go through in the last few moments before you play- to help eliminate distractions, clear your mind, and get you focused on the task at hand. Even something simple like “playing” the first few measures vividly in your head before beginning can help clear out extraneous mental chatter and set you up for a better opening.

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  • Pay Attention – If you want to sound beautiful and avoid minor mistakes during auditions, pay special attention to the treatment of notes, pitch, rhythm and beats you’re playing.
  • Be yourself – You don’t have to copy someone else’s style or at least portray it. All you need is to be comfortable in your own skin and play the instrument you adore and are satisfied with. It will help you focus more and worry less.

The Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) Auditions are an opportunity you will definitely not want to miss. So, are you prepared?

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