How to be Successful in an Orchestral Audition


Since the beginning, Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) has carried on the legacy to select the best young musicians to play at international musical programs. With an eagle’s eye view, this award-winning, leading orchestra pulls out the hidden talent from thousands of youth who come for auditions and then trains them for successful orchestral performance. Continuing this legacy henceforth, AYO is determined to pick the artists who have practiced hard and are prepared for their audition and tough competition.

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To be successful in an orchestral audition, an artist should use a metronome, which helps in preparing for a winning audition. Start off slowly until you recognize all the rhythms and notes and practice with different subdivisions, and macro beats. Remember to practice with the beat- not on the down-beat. While you practice, try recording yourself. Listening to the recording you just made can be eye-opening-and since you are your biggest and finest critic, it will help you notice areas where you need to improve. For betterment in your progress, you can first listen for rhythmic accuracy, then dynamics and listen for intonation for the third time. Recording yourself is especially helpful the closer to the audition that you get, when you are more prepared and can be more specific about what needs to improve. However, the more you do it, the more you’ll improve.


Next; play among musicians and other people who may appreciate your progress and will give you some good feedback. Lastly, have a “dress rehearsal”. Try to simulate the audition conditions you’ll be performing in. For example; wear the clothing you plan to wear on audition day, recruit a small audience to listen to you and play through the repertoire-no stopping, no talking. Practice hard, be prepared and we’ll see you at the Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) Auditions!

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