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Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 Ambassador: Derek Ko

People with physical disabilities are often not well-regarded in the world due to their presumed lack of confidence and abilities. While many assume the Gay Games are only for the LGBT community- this is false! The Gay Games are a top notch multicultural sporting event that promotes equality of human rights on a platform for people from all walks of life and all abilities! Anyone can participate! We are fortunate that Derek Ko has agreed to be one of  Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 Ambassadors; with his inspirational and motivating story.

Who is Derek Ko? Read on!

Serve up Nordic Flavor with Smoked Sea Salts from Flodins


New to smoked salts? Perhaps you just snagged a free promotional Nordic salt from Flodins Omega-3 pork promotion at TASTE at Festival Walk? Once you begin incorporating Flodins smoked sea salts into your recipes, we’re confident that you’ll start dreaming up endless uses- and even wonder what you ever did without them! Smoked salt adds a unique and aromatic flame-grilled touch to your dishes. The rich salinity enhances your dishes’ natural flavors, while the smoke intensifies the savory essence roused by an open flame- even if it wasn’t.


Here’s what you need to know:

Easter Break Essentials

Between work, kids, relationships, and the overall busyness of life, do you ever wish there was a reset button to get you back on track when you’re feeling stretched by it all? Enough is enough. Let’s disconnect and getaway! If you’re ready like we are, take these tips from T8 Fitness to heart and take the time to recharge and invigorate your mind, and body over your Easter Holiday!

T8 Fitness brings to Hong Kong and Asia the finest in yoga, Pilates and fitness products and accessories – and many of these products are compact enough to be used while travelling! First thing to pack…..Get a grip with the new Spring ToeSox collection and experience comfort, leisure and fashion at the same time! Launched on 15th of Feb, the Spring 2017 collection is filled with bright colors, florals and mosaics allowing you to bloom in your transition from Winter to Spring!

Planning a getaway? Preparation is key- Read these Tips.



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