Now that Marketing Departments are Data Rich and Skills Poor is it time for a Digital Audit?

March 31, 2017

The vast majority of businesses are failing at social media and digital marketing. Most when ranked (Fanpagekarma) have performance ranking in the single digits out of a top score of 100. Why is this? There are many reasons but it usually gets down to some basics problems. My agency PRDA along with our partners NMC Interactive perform digital audits on some on top global businesses and we find the same mistakes repeated. With so many moving parts in digital marketing it is far too easy to get off track. A fresh set of eyes with clarity of vision can dramatically illuminate instant wins and bring fresh excitement. My dad says “if life is hard you’re doing it wrong”. So if you are continuosly frustrated to generate ROI or validate contribution to the business. . . well maybe you just need a reboot or digital audit.


“Based on a Social Media Examiner study:


  • 90% of marketers think Social Media is important
  • 50% of marketers only have 2 years of social media experience
  • The #1 question is what tactics will get vanity metrics rather than what strategy will provide sustainable business benefit
  • 2/3rds of marketers can not calculate ROI”



  1. Demographic targeting is by far the most common problem for businesses when it comes to social media marketing. My personal experience is 9 out of every 10 businesses on social media are targeting people OTHER than their customers. There are many technical issues that can get demographic targeting off, but the most common is the race and chase for Fans and Engagement. Chasing Fan growth and Engagement rates will almost always lead to low brand control and low quality fans. Most companies audited miss their target demographic from 50% to 100% consistently.


“Most companies miss their target demographic by 50% to 100%.”


  1. Miss – ing/use of KPIs is the second most common problem of businesses. KPIs are guidelines not absolutes. They vary based on a large number of variables and so can be a challenge to define, but the race and chase for Fan growth and Engagement is the biggest reason KPIs fail businesses. There are 4 KPIs that are required to ensure sustainable digital marketing:


  • Fan growth
  • Engagement
  • Demographic targeting
  • Conversion


If anyone of these 4 are removed from the equation, then it is not possible to have a sustainable and viable digital strategy. In short, KPIs are guidelines NOT absolutes and having any fewer than these 4 KPIs will lead to failure. Example. Coca Cola U.S. Facebook has a performance rank of 2% (Fanpage karma March 23, 2017). They have 12.3 million Fans and engagement rate of .00054, demographic targeting that appears appropriate and a page value (conversions) of only US$1,200. With the KPI knocked out the ROI tends to zero quickly


  1. Skill set inventory: How vs Why is the third biggest gap uncovered by a digital audit. Many manager were “volunteered” into the role of social media and others that started are still learning its workings. I inevitably receive the same greeting “our team is so talented and

passionate about their work, we are so proud of them”. That is great to know as I look across a room filled with more people than necessary to do the job. All smiling and attentive 20 somethings with years of business experience that can be counted on one hand ready for the next challenge. I don’t question talent, passion or capability to do the job, but I do question if they know WHY they are doing their job. It is a factor beyond their control; not having sufficient amount of experience precludes one from seeing the larger picture, the intricate mechanism of activities that eventually drive the bottom line which in turn pays everyone’s salary.


“I don’t question talent, passion or capability to do the job, but

I do question if they know WHY they are doing their job.”


  1. OMG! I forgot my website is a startlingly epiphany for most digital marketers followed quickly by frustration as they realize their website maybe outside of their grasp. In many organizations the website is firmly entrenched in the traditionally separate SEO world. A special group of tech gurus that few understand whose domain is literally your company’s domain.   the beginning and end of a businesses but now they are a fully integrated part of the customer journey and usually the destination for conversions and customer retention. But because of this history of segregation it is a challenge for digital marketers to connect the most critical touchpoint in a customer’s journey. This lack of connection is also a significant factor in why demographic targeting is most often off. SEO/ SEM is very precise as it necessarily targets only the correct Demographic as anything else would result in high bounce rates and low performance (Conversion) which are KPIs 3 and 4. But since social does not often link to the website, it is easier to focus on Fan Growth and Engagement excluding the important  Demographic and Conversion KPIs needed for success.


5 The bigger picture is far off on the horizon while most are staring at their feet. The marketing department has a history of questionable value. It is often viewed as a  necessary evil in most companies. How do you quantify “branding” as it impacts the business bottom line? But with social media, the marketing department becomes the “tip of the arrow”! The marketing department now has access to more customer data; past, present and future than any other department. When a Fan “clicks” you know their name, where they live, their likes and dislikes, their friends, shopping habits, married or single, children, income, job and much much more. The marketing department now owns the proverbial keys to the kingdom.


Much success,







Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Perfectly Beneficial

March 29, 2017



From the first bite you’ll notice the delectable flavour and pleasing texture of Flodins Omega-3 pork. The high quality fat is distributed throughout the meat, which makes it more tender, tasty and full of the mouth-watering juices that every professional chef or home cook aims to bring to the table. There are also a lot of important nutrients that you will encounter in Flodins Omega-3 pork. The reason is simple – it’s natural, and the result of Nordic farming methods and 5 years of extensive research with national institutes. However, the omega-3s are particularly beneficial, so let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages.

Reducing Heart Disease Risk

Everyone knows stroke and heart attacks are one of the leading cause of deaths in the entire world. A few decades ago, researchers noticed that communities who were eating a lot of fish had particularly low levels of heart disease. Later, it was discovered that this was due to the fact that fish has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. They have been known ever since then to be particularly beneficial and to reduce the risk of heart-related issues.


Reducing ADHD Symptoms in Children

ADHD is the short form of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is a behavioral disorder which is usually characterized by failing to concentrate, hyperactivity as well as impulsivity. A few different studies have determined that kids with ADHD have low levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood in comparison to their peers who were healthy. Furthermore, a wide range of different studies have already determined that ADHD’s symptoms can be significantly reduced and taken care of through consumption of omega-3 fatty acids.


Reducing the Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome

Now, the first thing that you need to understand is that the metabolic syndrome is actually a collection of different conditions such as obesity, insulin resistance, high blood pressure as well as low levels of HDL. This is a huge concern for those who suffer from it. Omega-3 fatty acids are well known to have beneficial insulin resistance reduction properties as well as anti-inflammatory qualities.

As you can see, omega-3’s are very beneficial to your health. However, with the advancement of modern technologies, the majority of the food that we have to eat is genetically enhanced. With this in mind, it contains a lot less of those beneficial nutrients, and that’s why we are more prone to illnesses and other conditions. Understanding the importance of organic food, Flodins is here to make sure that everything as it is supposed to be. You will definitely find a lot of value in their nutritional products.


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Healthy Habits = Healthy Life. Read these tips inside!

March 24, 2017


Healthy Morning Habits

Our daily life can be stressed with various tasks and challenges that can weigh us down. The urge to break free of such stressful life is an opportunity that can be difficult to accomplish. Fortunately there are ways to accomplish a more relaxing, fulfilling lifestyle- like employing healthy morning habits that help you establish a healthier, more positive and productive day. With a broad range of amazing naturals, Gourmet Skin Bar brings you a complete range of 100% pure and organic, naturally-produced beauty items that you’d definitely want to love, cherish and protect your skin.

Not sure what to do first in the morning? Try these healthy habits on daily basis to let yourself shine for the rest of the day.

Read the list here.

Benefits of Pilates for Your Peace of Mind

When it comes to training with Pilates, one mustn’t just assume it’s an ordinary workout. Pilates not only lengthens, strengthens and sculpts your body, it also helps nurture your mind, body and spirit as well. It’s no wonder the Pilates is fast growing in popularity around the world. Since 2001, Polestar Pilates Asia has offered the Pilates education all over Asia, producing high-caliber Pilates teachers and successful Pilates studio models.

Apart from your traditional Pilates studio, Polestar-trained Pilates teachers can be found at medical facilities, performing arts conservatories and fitness centers throughout the world! Many people come to a Pilates class to get a flat tummy, ease joint pains and discomforts, rehabilitate after a surgery or improve their athletic performance. And Pilates can do all of that! But the most amazing part happens when students start seeing changes not only in their bodies but also in their minds, emotions and throughout their daily lives.

Read on for 4 reasons why:

Using a Yoga Block for a Deeper, Stronger Practice

Yoga connects you to the world of tranquility and frees you from the cacophony of daily life. A great exercise both for the mind, body, and soul; yoga allows one to feel relaxed and sweeps away stress.  Yoga also helps one stay physically healthy as well.

Keeping you inspired to maintain your spiritual mantra, A Day with Fé says it all. This top-notch brand responds to all your activewear needs and guides you perfectly in choosing your ideal clothing for a mindful yoga session. With this in mind, there are many different kinds of accessories you can use when performing yoga such as yoga mats and yoga blocks. While a quality yoga mat is actually more of a necessity, yoga blocks may be new to some people. Yoga blocks can make certain yoga poses easier especially when doing advanced level poses.

Here are some of our top tips:

Up for some Napue Gin Cocktail?

From the refreshing meadows of the twilight zones in Finland comes the best distilled rye and wild botanicals that have contributed to the best ever gin in the world – Napue Gin. It is known best for its sweet, chilling and spicy flavor that takes you back to the battleground of Napue. Here, the low northern sun and day’s length smile upon the quintessential forests of Finland, which feature the intense flavors of the fresh herbs. The award-winning rye-based gin is brought to you in Hong Kong by Food Linkers, known for bringing the best European flavors to Asia for your enjoyment.

Here are a few gin cocktail recipes to keep your drink bubbling and fizzing with new flavors.


What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

March 22, 2017


SEO or search engine optimization is an important process which enables your website’s position to be prominent among various search engines and people. With the help of SEO, you can please both people/customers and search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others. Not only does the quality of your content improve, but also, SEO establishes an effective communication platform with search engines. If you find it hard to optimize your site and need help, you can count on Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA). With more than a decade’s experience, Asia’s leading social media agency provides so many digital solutions no other social media agency can offer. This way, you can just catapult yourself to success by optimizing and spreading the word with PRDA!

Search engines want to refer users to websites and content that is the most relevant to what the user is looking for. So how is relevancy determined? It is determined by the content of your website, performance, good authoritative skills and better user experience.

  • Content: What the website is about- text, titles, description.
  • Performance: How fast is your website and is it working properly?
  • Authority: Is your site legitimate? That is does it have real information, is it being used properly  and meeting all legal guidelines.
  • User Experience: How does the site look? Is it user-friendly and easy to navigate? Does it look safe?

Search engine spiders only have a certain amount of data storage, so if you try to be over-smart and play tricks on search engines, you’ll probably lose the opportunity! Items the search engines don’t want are:

  • Keyword Stuffing: If you add too many ads and promotional content, people might find it hard to find the relevant material and your bounce rate will probably increase.
  • Purchased Links: Buying links will get you nowhere when it comes to SEO, so be warned.
  • Poor User Experience: Make your website user-friendly! Too many ads and making it too complicated for people to find content they’re looking for will just increase your bounce rate.

Whatever you do, always remember the basics of search engine optimization(SEO) and follow the advice and solutions from Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA) to continue maximizing your revenue opportunities! Try their Free Facebook Report and Competitor Analysis here.

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Nao Figurines by Lladro: Hello Kitty for Collectors

March 22, 2017


Festive occasions can seem empty without the joy and warmth enveloped in thoughtful presents and gifts. These are the expressions of gratitude, love and kindness shown for one you love and care for. Making your expression last longer than ever, Lladro presents Nao figurines; the finest ever made porcelain figurines crafted with love and all the goodness in the world. It is a line of figurines that offers much more than meets the eye due to their gentle expressiveness, master form and often sentimental matter of subject. Whether you’re a collector or a buyer; you can’t miss the everlasting charm of Nao figurines as the eBay-based retail seller, Le Luxury, is readily available to make your dreams come true!

Have you searched far and wide to complete your (or their) collection? You’ll never find any collectable more well-made or higher quality than Nao figurines. Since they are subject to master craftsmanship and beautifully maintained porcelain form, they are highly valued by collectors all around the globe. As a keen collector, it’s hard to find genuine porcelain figurines that mark the product’s originality and authenticity. And if you’re a fan Hello Kitty figurines, you’re in luck as Nao provides you with so many poses of Hello Kitty figurines to choose from- from graduation ceremony to wedding day to birthday- you (or your loved one) can collect as many as you want to expand your collection and show it off!

Apart from Hello Kitty figurines, you can always select other fine products from the best online retailer store, Le Luxury. They have a vast variety of jewelry items to pens and fashion accessories as well. Highly preferred by collectors and buyers, these products are viewed as a perfect gift or collection piece.  Visit Le Luxury’s online eBay store now and find your perfect item awaiting you!

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Going Back to the Paleo Diet

March 22, 2017


Did you know that there is a diet plan that can allow you to eat without limitations to the quantity and still help you lose weight? Well, that is the beauty of Paleo diet, and as long as you get it right, you build a better body frame, more muscles and enjoy tons of health benefits. Try not be too concerned about the sophisticated explanations about Paleo diet; just remember what ancient man used to eat, and you will be good to go. Live by the principle that if the caveman did not eat it, then you should stay away from it. Some of the things that you should consider include Flodins Omega-3 pork, seeds, leafy greens, nuts, olive oil and healthy fats.

Do Away with Calorie Count

The good news with the Paleo diet is that you do not have to keep track of the calories that you have consumed. As long as you can stick to the Paleo diet, then forget counting calories for good!


Not another Diet Plan!

The internet is flooded with so many diet plans, and you might be thinking that this is another diet plan altogether or marketing of some food supplements. If that is your thinking, you are wrong, since the Paleo diet is something that is within your reach and you can start implementing it right away. Just think of the caveman, he was muscular, tall, agile and athletic. Human beings today are unhappy, unhealthy, and overweight and cannot seem to relax enough. The difference is in the type of food the two categories of men eat.

Revolution in Agriculture

The revolution in the farming and agricultural methods altered the great physique and the healthy bodies that the Homo sapiens had. The generation today is highly dependent on rice, corn, grain, pasta, bread and a whole lot of junk food. The fruits, vegetable, and meat have been eliminated from the meal plans, and the shocking statistics indicate that 33% of the human population is obese, while 66% are overweight.


The Paleo Diet is the Solution

The only way to reverse this is to go back to the Paleo diet and live a healthier life. You should cut back on processed foods, dairy, grains and other types of junk food. Your focus should be on grass-fed meat, Flodins Omega-3 pork, healthy fats, olive oil, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. When your diet is rich in Omega-3 fats and low in the saturated fats, you will enjoy a wide array of health benefits. This will also reduce any risks of suffering from heart diseases.


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Sports Philosophy for Gay Games Hong Kong 2022

March 22, 2017


The Gay Games motto is centered towards bringing unity in diversity, thus their sports philosophy is an important part of the mission. Hong Kong’s one of a kind geographical location, sports program diverseness, and superior sports venues will provide opportunities for participants  and the organising team to excel in the Gay  Games. It will be an empowering experience for  LGBT+ athletes and communities in all parts of  Asia to participate on a level playing field with  everyone else. Since Hong Kong is a cultural kaleidoscope; sports are an integral part of its culture in providing recognition to LGBT communities and exposing their hidden talents.

The Kai Tak Multi-Sports Park Project is projected to open in 2022

Hong Kong is famous  for hosting spectator sports such as horse racing, football, rugby, basketball and dragon boating. Hong Kong has hosted East Asian Games  in 2009 and continues to participate actively in  Asian and Olympic Games. The Gay Games will bring out the best of the often overlooked LGBT+ communities and set them on an equivalent platform. For every event, Hong Kong has a special venue in all over the city, so the participants might travel as well as enjoy the scenic sights of Hong Kong. Moreover, Hong Kong has  a barrier free environment for disabled citizens. Thus, participants with disabilities will be able to  access to our sporting venues. GGHK2022 has 4 disabled athletes in their ambassadors list and they are passionate in supporting Hong Kong’s bid to the local paralympic community.

All 33 games/events are open to all genders, where Powerlifting and Bodybuilding are considered major sports for the LGBT community in Asia. Local sports are added to spice up the thrill of the games. Maintaining and including the local sports will surely attract local and international participants regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, economic status, performance, and gaming ability. Hosting the Gay Games in Hong Kong will provide an opportunity  to learn from existing  international LGBT+ sport organisations, using this knowledge to evolve into formal LGBT+ sport organisations and become future members of the International Federation of Gay Games. Having the Gay Games hosted in Hong  Kong will benefit much the regional and international LGBT+ sports scene.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can download the complete Bid Book here. You can also show your support to GGHK2022 by donating as per your preference – as your contribution matters!



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