AYO’s Tips to Play a Fearless Audition


Does this happen to you? When preparing for an audition, at first you are all pumped up and ready to face the music in high spirits. But just as you stand in front of the judges, your palms start to sweat, your hands begin to shake and your head gets heavy with all the pressure in your head. These are all signs of anxiety and fear- possibly blocking your musical fluidity and upsetting your audition. To combat this fear and anxiety, preparation is key. Here are a few tips from the Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) to help eliminate bad audition symptoms and utilize the good ones to help you play and focus even better!

  • Music Preparation: This may seem like the most obvious statement ever but always prepare your music! A great start to eliminating fear in an audition is knowing you can play all of the repertoire on the list.
  • Eliminate all possible variables(within your control):  Worried you’ll sleep late and miss your audition? Set up a routine ahead of time and practice waking up at the time you need to for the week before your audition. Plan your travel time well, and leave room for any mishaps- get to your audition early rather than late.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected: Prepare ahead of time for variable situations- tell people in mock auditions to have you play things differently just to mix things up. (And really try to do whatever they say!) Have someone conduct you through a few excerpts in case the music director conducts you in the finals. Play with a fan blowing on you in case there is a bad draft. Basically try and get comfortable, just in case you encounter something bizarre.
  • Get mentally prepared: Hopefully you are catching on to the theme of preparation here, but it is key and preparing mentally may be the most important. Try to be motivated by the pursuit of improvement; rather than the pursuit of success. Fear of failure is a large part of why many experience fear and anxiety and by changing your focus to the pursuit improvement, you will find a huge shift in attitude- and hopefully a decrease in your fear and anxiety.

The Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) 2017 auditions are going on now! Click here to see what the Audition dates and Application deadlines are for your city. Every musician from every Asian country has an equal opportunity to participate in AYO. Act now and do not lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play with the Asian Youth Orchestra- Asia’s Premier Pre-professional Orchestra!


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