Schneider Line-Up Fineliners


Coloring is a fun-time activity highly associated with children of every age. But it’s not just the kids who enjoy coloring; it’s the adults too! Grown-ups often use coloring as an activity to overcome stress and anxiety. All you need is to grab a coloring book and some fibre-tipped pens. The best one available in the market are from Schneider, a Germany-based company that offers the dynamic set of fineliner pens. Wondering where to get these? Find them in Hong Kong at Planethome (Bed & Bath) Ltd in Tsim Sha Tsui or you can always visit Le Luxury’s online store on eBay to buy branded products at very affordable rates.

Planethome (Bed & Bath) Ltd

Unit 42, UG Floor, Wing On Plaza

62 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: 2327 5768


What makes Schneider line-up fineliner pens so special? It’s their brilliant performance as well as their eco-friendliness. Schneider line-up fineliner pens are made up of 88% organic plastic that is obtained from sustainable materials. With their size being standard and sleek, they come with a triangular, rubberized barrel for a better grip to ensure relaxed writing or coloring. What puts these line-up fineliner pens in spotlight is the fresh fluidity of their juicy ink after 2-3 days when the cap has been removed.  Schneider line-up fineliners, with their fine 0.4mm tip, will never let you down filling that void in the complex coloring pattern. These amazing line-up fineliners are suitable for children as well as adults. Furthermore, to add more fun to this coloring sequence, you can have up to 30 different colors, all with unique and bizarre names! There are some really unusual shades included in the Schneider range, including Apricot, Coral, Alaska Blue and Nautic Green, which is a gorgeous marine tone.

At an amazing price, you can buy a set of these fineliner pens that come in a durable and adjustable case that is also eco friendly. Whenever you’re feeling sad and stressed, just remember that you can always reach Schneider line-up fineliner pens to fill your world with juicy flowing colors. Just order your smart set of Schneider line-up fineliners at the best price on Le Luxury’s online retail store on eBay.

So, who’s up for some coloring? Head over to Planethome (Bed & Bath) Ltd in Tsim Sha Tsui now to get yours!

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