Gay Games Ambassador: Nicholas Wong

March 15, 2017


Gay Games, the ultimate multicultural event is about more than eliminating all social barriers in sports, it also provides an excellent opportunity to introduce the colorful art and culture of the LGBT community as well as to share the wondrous elements of Asian culture. This aspect of the Gay Games includes Cantonese Opera, calligraphy and mah jong. But Gay Games XI Hong Kong 2022 is much more than meets the eye! As Hong Kong Bids for the 2022 Gay Games, the event includes everything that the Hong Kong’s diverse and multifaceted culture has to offer and benefits everyone on the whole, especially the LGBT community.

It has also been proved that the LGBT publishing experience can be promoted in the form of the most beautiful language – poetry. Hong Kong’s land has been blessed with literary talents and poets, of which Nicholas Wong is one. Nicholas Wong co-won the Lambda award in 2016 for his collection of gay poetry called ‘Crevasse’. Wong’s celebrated talent has led to the recognition of the belief that poetry can also be used as a platform to unite international gay poets around the world, which shall be done in Hong Kong as a part of its natural hospitality and of course, as a part of GGHK2022. It is believed that the Poetry Slam, when delivered with local partner Peel Street Poetry, will be an amazing experience for the participants.

The Harmonics are a LGBT+ and Allies friendly choir.

A LGBT+ Choir Festival is part of Hong Kong’s bid for the 2022 Gay Games- the first event of it’s kind in Hong Kong! Participating local artists, like The Harmonics have brought the LGBT arts scene in the limelight, depicting the immensely enriching art scene of this cultural kaleidoscope.

Gay Games are on their mark to reach the point where Hong Kong will be the ultimate destination in 2022. Everyone from any corner of the world can participate without any hesitation and express themselves, either in sports, arts or any other aspect, as with the Gay Games, you sail in one boat called unity!



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PRDA’s Full Social Media Strategy

March 15, 2017


As the wheels of time keep turning, social media changes and evolves into a more dynamic system that brings people, businesses and companies closer. Not only the features for entertainment get improved, but also the newly introduced and innovating marketing strategies have attracted customers like never before. To plan success for your business and guide you clearly through the social media design, Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA), may be the pivoting point for you! As the leading social media agency in Asia, they provide services such as SEM, SEO, Social CRM, Risk Management, Lead Generation and much more.

Trying to manage all the content on your web-based business?  PRDA’s full social media strategy can help! Here’s just some of what they can do to help your business:

  • Strategic Analysis: Create a brand strategy personalized for your business! PRDA utilizes all its expertise in providing guidelines on the best social media strategy.
  • Customized Profiles: Let PRDA manage your business’s social media account by creating custom profiles on your favorable social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
  • Unique Content: PRDA helps your business even more by updating fresh content like reformatting images, researching, and community building for 5 consecutive days (or more or less depending on client’s preference and budget).

Group of Hands Holding Speech Bubble with Social Issue Concepts

  • Community Management: PRDA keeps in check the demographics of your fans and followers on top sites and run reputation management strategy and engage KOLs.
  • Social Media Releases and Distribution: PRDA helps your business stay on top of social media with fresh monthly blog content, posted to 5 top distribution sites!
  • SEO/SMO: PRDA helps your content display on the front page of leading search engines using organic search marketing strategies.
  • Analytics and Competitive Monitoring: If you want to know where your brand stands among competitors, PRDA evaluates detailed analysis in monthly reports and grows the number of your follower by producing best posts and research!

Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA)’s proven data driven process delivers predictable results driven by organic, real people action. Try their Free Facebook Report and Competitor Analysis here.

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Benefits of Pilates for Your Peace of Mind

March 15, 2017


“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”

-Joseph Pilates

When it comes to training with Pilates, one mustn’t just assume it’s an ordinary workout. Pilates not only lengthens, strengthens and sculpts your body, it also helps nurture your mind, body and spirit as well. It’s no wonder the Pilates is fast growing in popularity around the world. Since 2001, Polestar Pilates Asia has offered the Pilates education all over Asia, to all who are pursuing quality education and support. Polestar Education is a worldwide provider of rehabilitation-based Pilates education, producing high-caliber Pilates teachers and successful Pilates studio models. Apart from your traditional Pilates studio, Polestar-trained Pilates teachers can be found at medical facilities, performing arts conservatories and fitness centers throughout the world! Many people come to a Pilates class to get a flat tummy, ease joint pains and discomforts, rehabilitate after a surgery or improve their athletic performance. And Pilates can do all of that! But the most amazing part happens when students start seeing changes not only in their bodies but also in their minds, emotions and throughout their daily lives. Read on for 4 reasons why:

The modern world is full of distraction and stress- many are looking for a personal state of peace and tranquility. When searching for that inner balance we commonly consider meditation, affirmations and other techniques, but we must not forget that exercise is a fantastic tool to help us balance our lives.

Here are some of the benefits Pilates that may help you find your balance:

Pilates trains your brain.

  • Learning new activities is a proven brain-training technique, and an important part of brain fitness.  By learning and incorporating new movements or modifications into your Pilates routine assists in challenging the body and mind at the same time. This also helps your multitasking skills!


A Healthier, Better Functioning Nervous System

  • Your core consists of many muscles!  Learning to use them is a cleansing rinse for your nervous system, and a healthy nervous system means better communication between your brain and other parts of your body as well as the release of stress-fighting and mood-boosting hormones.

Meditation / Mindfulness Benefits

  • You must clear your mind of any distractions when performing Pilates work on the Reformer. Pilates lets you reap all the benefits of meditation while letting you focus on your body the entire time while also relieving tension and stress built up in the muscles through gentle stretching and gradual conditioning.


More Confidence and Respect for Self

  • Pilates teaches us to respect our body and be content with it. When we learn to respect our bodies, we also learn to do the same with everything else in our lives. We start living according to our priorities and desires, instead of constantly comparing ourselves to our peers(or Instagram feed!).


“Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit can ever be attained. Self confidence follows.” -Joseph Pilates


So, what are you waiting for? Contact Polestar Pilates Asia today and they will help you start on  your journey as a Pilates Instructor!

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The Natural Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

March 15, 2017



“Natural benefits” is a phrase that we are almost oblivious to nowadays. With all the food being grown in a genetically modified manner, it seems hard to maintain an omega-3 fatty acid rich diet. However, that’s not necessarily true. With Flodins delicious pork you can still enjoy organically grown meat which boasts all the regular vitamins that you can expect from perfectly healthy and naturally grown animal. Nordic farming methods and years of research into healthier eating have resulted in delicious, juicy and tender pork, which is simple to cook to perfection. Below you will find a range of different omega-3 fatty acids benefits that you can expect in Flodins Omega-3 pork. You can also try several of Flodins tasty recipes here.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Contrary to what people tend to believe, inflammation is generally a positive reaction of our bodies. It helps us to fight off different infections and to repair the damage that the latter cause to our bodies. However, in certain situations, inflammation might stay on for quite a bit even if there is no present infection. This is commonly referred to as chronic or long-term inflammation. This could cause a lot of additional issues such as heart conditions, to say the least.


Omega-3 fatty acids, however, are known to be able to reduce the production of substances and molecules which are associated to inflammation like cytokines, for instance. This is why they possess anti-inflammatory properties.


Improving Mental Disorders

A low level of omega-3s is known to have been reported in people who suffer from certain psychiatric conditions. Studies have decisively concluded that omega-3 fatty acids and other supplements which contain them could reduce the frequency of relapses and mood swings in people who suffer from bipolar disorder as well as from schizophrenia.


Cancer Fighting Properties

Of course, cancer is amongst the leading causes of deaths these days. However, omega-3 fatty acids are claimed to have a lot of cancer-fighting capabilities and that they can reduce the risk of developing said conditions.


A study showed that people who consume a lot of omega-3 fatty acids have a 55% lower risk of developing colon cancer, which is most definitely particularly significant.

With this in mind, you should go ahead and take advantage of Flodins omega-3 pork. You can rest assured that the food is organically grown and that there are absolutely no pesticides, herbicides and other harmful substances. This is something incredibly beneficial, and you should most definitely take it into proper and thorough consideration. Alongside this, our products will provide you with a range of different benefits and additional advantages.


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Healthy Morning Habits

March 15, 2017


Our daily life can be stressed with various tasks and challenges that can weigh us down. The urge to break free of such stressful life is an opportunity that can be difficult to accomplish. Fortunately there are ways to accomplish a more relaxing, fulfilling lifestyle- like employing healthy morning habits that help you establish a healthier, more positive and productive day. With a broad range of amazing naturals, Gourmet Skin Bar brings you a complete range of 100% pure and organic, naturally-produced beauty items that you’d definitely want to love, cherish and protect your skin.

Not sure what to do first in the morning? Try these healthy habits on daily basis to let yourself shine for the rest of the day.

  1. Keep your phone out of the bedroom! Or at least put away, out of reach while you’re trying to sleep. Via this habit, you can wake up all fresh in the morning like the rising sun – full of energy and full of life.
  2. Every day, take at least an hour break from checking your phone and emails. Keep calm and ignore all the social media notifications. (Putting your phone on mute and out of sight may help)
  3. Meditate for 5-15 minutes daily before getting out of bed for the day.
  4. Drink as much water  as you can- good hydration improves your digestive system and cleanses your skin.
  5. Make a healthy breakfast that is fit for a king.  Eat to your heart’s content and enjoy!
  6. Write about what you are grateful for and let it remind you all day to keep you going on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Go outside and take a deep breath- let the freshness of a new day inspire you!
  8. Daily stretching and exercise is enormously beneficial in many areas of daily life.
  9. Do daily affirmations. Affirmations strengthen us by helping us believe in the potential of an action we desire to manifest. When we verbally affirm our dreams and ambitions, we are instantly empowered with a deep sense of reassurance that our wishful words will become reality.
  10. Visualize and jot down your goals and plans. Become a dreamer!

Gourmet Skin Bar offers many products to take skin care to the next level by loving, cherishing, and protecting your skin. They highly recommend The Beauty Chef’s ANTIOXIDANT Inner Beauty Boost; it’s formulated with nutrient-rich antioxidants from organic papaya leaf, fruit and seed and pomegranate, green tea and vitamin E to repair and rejuvenate skin, fight free radicals, address fine lines and skin firmness and boost overall skin radiance.


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Up for some Napue Gin Cocktail?

March 15, 2017


From the refreshing meadows of the twilight zones in Finland comes the best distilled rye and wild botanicals that have contributed to the best ever gin in the world – Napue Gin. It is known best for its sweet, chilling and spicy flavor that takes you back to the battleground of Napue. Here, the low northern sun and day’s length smile upon the quintessential forests of Finland, which feature the intense flavors of the fresh herbs. The award-winning rye-based gin is brought to you in Hong Kong by Food Linkers, known for bringing the best European flavors to Asia for your enjoyment.

Although Napue gin has a flavor of its own kind, you can enjoy it in several ways suiting your style and taste. Here are a few gin cocktail recipes to keep your drink bubbling and fizzing with new flavors:

  1. Cucumber Mint Gin Cocktail


  • 50ml Napue Gin
  • 2 soft branchlets of mint
  • 1cm thick piece of cucumber, quartered
  • Chilled elderflower presse
  • Some ice cubes
  • Mint and lemon for garnish


The perfect cocktail for summer, it’s so unbelievably refreshing! Like a spa trip, for your mouth!

Place your Napue Gin, mint and cucumber pieces in the bottom of a cocktail shaker or glass, and stir- squashing down the mint and cucumber with the back of a spoon to bruise them well and release the juices. Strain into a tall thin tumbler containing a couple of ice cubes, and top up with spritzy elderflower pressé. Garnish with mint and lemon.

2. The Bee’s Knees Cocktail


  • 50ml Napue Gin
  • 10ml runny honey
  • 5ml water
  • 15ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • A couple of ice cubes


Why isn’t this  brilliant combination of gin and honey, more widely known? It’s delicious!

Stir the honey into the water until dissolved to make a syrup. Pour into a cocktail shaker with your Napue Gin, lemon juice and a couple of ice cubes. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass.


Ready to try the clear, refreshing taste of Napue Gin? Find it in Hong Kong at Three Monkeys Hong Kong.

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Using a Yoga Block for a Deeper, Stronger Practice

March 15, 2017


Yoga connects you to the world of tranquility and frees you from the cacophony of daily life. A great exercise both for the mind, body, and soul; yoga allows one to feel relaxed and sweeps away stress.  Yoga also helps one stay physically healthy as well.

Keeping you inspired to maintain your spiritual mantra, A Day with Fé says it all. This top-notch brand responds to all your activewear needs and guides you perfectly in choosing your ideal clothing for a mindful yoga session. With this in mind, there are many different kinds of accessories you can use when performing yoga such as yoga mats and yoga blocks. While a quality yoga mat is actually more of a necessity, yoga blocks may be new to some people. Yoga blocks can make certain yoga poses easier especially when doing advanced level poses.

Here are some of our top tips:

  • Bridge Position: The bridge position is one of the harder positions in yoga other than the balancing positions. Using the yoga block permits the yogi to smoothly form the bridge without any harm. It supports your body well while balancing in the most harmonious fashion.
  • Sitting Positions: Using yoga blocks during your sitting yoga poses allows you to move more comfortably and flexibly. It provides great support to the body and prevents injuries and pain from twisting positions.


  • Better Stance, Straight Spine: If kept under your heels during standing exercises, the yoga block balances your body, aligning your spine to the straightest degree and keeping your body in the best and balanced state.
  • Hand Support: Another way on how to use yoga blocks is to use it as a hand support for various poses like the half moon pose and the triangle pose.  It relaxes your body and is especially helpful for people who have issues with flexibility and who can’t extend to the pose fully.
  • Head Support: You can use the yoga block while performing abdominal poses or during meditation- anytime you are laying  down and especially during cool down. This will help support the weight of your head and prevent straining the neck.

It does not matter where you are in your journey, stop by and shop the look with A Day with Fé’s newest athleisure collection!

Shop: S502, Block A, 35 Aberdeen Street (PMQ) Central, Hong Kong


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