Gay Games Ambassador: Nicholas Wong


Gay Games, the ultimate multicultural event is about more than eliminating all social barriers in sports, it also provides an excellent opportunity to introduce the colorful art and culture of the LGBT community as well as to share the wondrous elements of Asian culture. This aspect of the Gay Games includes Cantonese Opera, calligraphy and mah jong. But Gay Games XI Hong Kong 2022 is much more than meets the eye! As Hong Kong Bids for the 2022 Gay Games, the event includes everything that the Hong Kong’s diverse and multifaceted culture has to offer and benefits everyone on the whole, especially the LGBT community.

It has also been proved that the LGBT publishing experience can be promoted in the form of the most beautiful language – poetry. Hong Kong’s land has been blessed with literary talents and poets, of which Nicholas Wong is one. Nicholas Wong co-won the Lambda award in 2016 for his collection of gay poetry called ‘Crevasse’. Wong’s celebrated talent has led to the recognition of the belief that poetry can also be used as a platform to unite international gay poets around the world, which shall be done in Hong Kong as a part of its natural hospitality and of course, as a part of GGHK2022. It is believed that the Poetry Slam, when delivered with local partner Peel Street Poetry, will be an amazing experience for the participants.

The Harmonics are a LGBT+ and Allies friendly choir.

A LGBT+ Choir Festival is part of Hong Kong’s bid for the 2022 Gay Games- the first event of it’s kind in Hong Kong! Participating local artists, like The Harmonics have brought the LGBT arts scene in the limelight, depicting the immensely enriching art scene of this cultural kaleidoscope.

Gay Games are on their mark to reach the point where Hong Kong will be the ultimate destination in 2022. Everyone from any corner of the world can participate without any hesitation and express themselves, either in sports, arts or any other aspect, as with the Gay Games, you sail in one boat called unity!



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