PRDA’s Full Social Media Strategy


As the wheels of time keep turning, social media changes and evolves into a more dynamic system that brings people, businesses and companies closer. Not only the features for entertainment get improved, but also the newly introduced and innovating marketing strategies have attracted customers like never before. To plan success for your business and guide you clearly through the social media design, Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA), may be the pivoting point for you! As the leading social media agency in Asia, they provide services such as SEM, SEO, Social CRM, Risk Management, Lead Generation and much more.

Trying to manage all the content on your web-based business?  PRDA’s full social media strategy can help! Here’s just some of what they can do to help your business:

  • Strategic Analysis: Create a brand strategy personalized for your business! PRDA utilizes all its expertise in providing guidelines on the best social media strategy.
  • Customized Profiles: Let PRDA manage your business’s social media account by creating custom profiles on your favorable social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
  • Unique Content: PRDA helps your business even more by updating fresh content like reformatting images, researching, and community building for 5 consecutive days (or more or less depending on client’s preference and budget).

Group of Hands Holding Speech Bubble with Social Issue Concepts

  • Community Management: PRDA keeps in check the demographics of your fans and followers on top sites and run reputation management strategy and engage KOLs.
  • Social Media Releases and Distribution: PRDA helps your business stay on top of social media with fresh monthly blog content, posted to 5 top distribution sites!
  • SEO/SMO: PRDA helps your content display on the front page of leading search engines using organic search marketing strategies.
  • Analytics and Competitive Monitoring: If you want to know where your brand stands among competitors, PRDA evaluates detailed analysis in monthly reports and grows the number of your follower by producing best posts and research!

Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA)’s proven data driven process delivers predictable results driven by organic, real people action. Try their Free Facebook Report and Competitor Analysis here.

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