The Natural Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids



“Natural benefits” is a phrase that we are almost oblivious to nowadays. With all the food being grown in a genetically modified manner, it seems hard to maintain an omega-3 fatty acid rich diet. However, that’s not necessarily true. With Flodins delicious pork you can still enjoy organically grown meat which boasts all the regular vitamins that you can expect from perfectly healthy and naturally grown animal. Nordic farming methods and years of research into healthier eating have resulted in delicious, juicy and tender pork, which is simple to cook to perfection. Below you will find a range of different omega-3 fatty acids benefits that you can expect in Flodins Omega-3 pork. You can also try several of Flodins tasty recipes here.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Contrary to what people tend to believe, inflammation is generally a positive reaction of our bodies. It helps us to fight off different infections and to repair the damage that the latter cause to our bodies. However, in certain situations, inflammation might stay on for quite a bit even if there is no present infection. This is commonly referred to as chronic or long-term inflammation. This could cause a lot of additional issues such as heart conditions, to say the least.


Omega-3 fatty acids, however, are known to be able to reduce the production of substances and molecules which are associated to inflammation like cytokines, for instance. This is why they possess anti-inflammatory properties.


Improving Mental Disorders

A low level of omega-3s is known to have been reported in people who suffer from certain psychiatric conditions. Studies have decisively concluded that omega-3 fatty acids and other supplements which contain them could reduce the frequency of relapses and mood swings in people who suffer from bipolar disorder as well as from schizophrenia.


Cancer Fighting Properties

Of course, cancer is amongst the leading causes of deaths these days. However, omega-3 fatty acids are claimed to have a lot of cancer-fighting capabilities and that they can reduce the risk of developing said conditions.


A study showed that people who consume a lot of omega-3 fatty acids have a 55% lower risk of developing colon cancer, which is most definitely particularly significant.

With this in mind, you should go ahead and take advantage of Flodins omega-3 pork. You can rest assured that the food is organically grown and that there are absolutely no pesticides, herbicides and other harmful substances. This is something incredibly beneficial, and you should most definitely take it into proper and thorough consideration. Alongside this, our products will provide you with a range of different benefits and additional advantages.


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