Using a Yoga Block for a Deeper, Stronger Practice


Yoga connects you to the world of tranquility and frees you from the cacophony of daily life. A great exercise both for the mind, body, and soul; yoga allows one to feel relaxed and sweeps away stress.  Yoga also helps one stay physically healthy as well.

Keeping you inspired to maintain your spiritual mantra, A Day with Fé says it all. This top-notch brand responds to all your activewear needs and guides you perfectly in choosing your ideal clothing for a mindful yoga session. With this in mind, there are many different kinds of accessories you can use when performing yoga such as yoga mats and yoga blocks. While a quality yoga mat is actually more of a necessity, yoga blocks may be new to some people. Yoga blocks can make certain yoga poses easier especially when doing advanced level poses.

Here are some of our top tips:

  • Bridge Position: The bridge position is one of the harder positions in yoga other than the balancing positions. Using the yoga block permits the yogi to smoothly form the bridge without any harm. It supports your body well while balancing in the most harmonious fashion.
  • Sitting Positions: Using yoga blocks during your sitting yoga poses allows you to move more comfortably and flexibly. It provides great support to the body and prevents injuries and pain from twisting positions.


  • Better Stance, Straight Spine: If kept under your heels during standing exercises, the yoga block balances your body, aligning your spine to the straightest degree and keeping your body in the best and balanced state.
  • Hand Support: Another way on how to use yoga blocks is to use it as a hand support for various poses like the half moon pose and the triangle pose.  It relaxes your body and is especially helpful for people who have issues with flexibility and who can’t extend to the pose fully.
  • Head Support: You can use the yoga block while performing abdominal poses or during meditation- anytime you are laying  down and especially during cool down. This will help support the weight of your head and prevent straining the neck.

It does not matter where you are in your journey, stop by and shop the look with A Day with Fé’s newest athleisure collection!

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