Be Fearless! Tips and Guides Inside

March 19, 2017


AYO’s Tips to Play a Fearless Audition

Does this happen to you? When preparing for an audition, at first you are all pumped up and ready to face the music in high spirits. But just as you stand in front of the judges, your palms start to sweat, your hands begin to shake and your head gets heavy with all the pressure in your head. These are all signs of anxiety and fear- possibly blocking your musical fluidity and upsetting your audition. To combat this fear and anxiety, preparation is key. Here are a few tips from the Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) to help eliminate bad audition symptoms and utilize the good ones to help you play and focus even better!

Remember Asian Youth Orchestra 2017 auditions are going on now! Click here to see what the Audition dates and Application deadlines are for your city.

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Benefits of Adding Resistance Bands to Your Workouts

Adding equipment or accessories to you work out sessions make them more varied, challenging and enjoyable! T8 Fitness understands your fitness needs and offers you the best in fitness and rehab accessories and equipment, with a focus on Pilates and Yoga. Whether it’s ToeSox grip socks and sandals, rehabilitation or general work out equipment, they have all the products to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Have you ever tried adding resistance bands to your workouts? If you’ve never tried resistance bands, or you’re new to them, you may be surprised at how many benefits there are from using what is essentially a reinforced rubber band! As is often the case, the simplest tools are often the very best for your health.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect:


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Schneider Line-Up Fineliners

Coloring is a fun-time activity highly associated with children of every age. But it’s not just the kids who enjoy coloring; it’s the adults too! Grown-ups often use coloring as an activity to overcome stress and anxiety. All you need is to grab a coloring book and some fibre-tipped pens. The best one available in the market are from Schneider, a Germany-based company that offers the dynamic set of fineliner pens. Wondering where to get these? Find them in Hong Kong at Planethome (Bed & Bath) Ltd in Tsim Sha Tsui or you can always visit Le Luxury’s online store on eBay to buy branded products at very affordable rates.

What makes Schneider line-up fineliner pens so special? Learn more here.

The Natural Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids


“Natural benefits” is a phrase that we are almost oblivious to nowadays. With all the food being grown in a genetically modified manner, it seems hard to maintain an omega-3 fatty acid rich diet. However, that’s not necessarily true. With Flodins delicious pork you can still enjoy organically grown meat which boasts all the regular vitamins that you can expect from perfectly healthy and naturally grown animal. Nordic farming methods and years of research into healthier eating have resulted in delicious, juicy and tender pork, which is simple to cook to perfection. Below you will find a range of different omega-3 fatty acids benefits that you can expect in Flodins Omega-3 pork. You can also try several of Flodins tasty recipes here.


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