Attributes of Highly Creative People, Especially Musicians


“ In order to compose, all you need to do is remember a tune that nobody else has thought of.” -Robert Schumann

Creativity is an aspect of human behavior when one thinks and acts outside of the box.  It involves a divergent thinking ability only a few are gifted with. Musical training is associated with an increased in imagination and creativity. These creative individuals utilize their creativity in every part of their lives, whether it’s their job or a recreational activity. Bringing the best of symphonies and musical tones, The Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) continues to polish the “diamonds in the rough” in the world of music making. With their unique and keen attitude towards young, talented artists,  AYO has rapidly become one of the best performing orchestra around the globe.

Musicians have the ability to combine passion and creativity to make masterpieces out of simple and regular notes. New research suggests musicians may actually be at their most creative when they are away from their instrument. By studying various musicians and their habits,; learning when exactly inspiration struck them, researchers have found that breakthrough moments most often happened when players were otherwise occupied creatively- for example: humming to themselves or tapping out rhythms on the table or imagining dance moves inspired by the music. Researchers concluded that musicians had their most inspirational and productive moments when they felt free and flexible enough to be spontaneous- rather than simply rely on external validation from, say, a teacher or parent.

Here are the top seven attributes of imaginative people, especially musicians.

  • Associative Orientation: Imaginative, frisky, innovative- with many ideas, conversion from ideas of fact to fiction
  • Originality: Resisting or “bending” rules and norms. Have a rebellious attitude because of a need to do things no one else does.
  • Motivation: Desire to perform with a goal oriented approach and innovative behavior and toughness to deal with problems.


  • Ambition: Have a need to be influential, attract attention and recognition.
  • Flexibility: Have the ability to see different aspects of issues and come up with fresh, creative solutions. (May seem unusual or rebellious- see Originality)
  • Unstable emotions: Can experience negativity and mood swings, with occasional low self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Anti-Social behavior: Have a tendency not to be very considerate or thoughtless and often find faults and flaws in ideas and people.

Do you think you have these attributes and have that spark in you? Ready to flourish your talent and take creativity to the next level? Then click here to learn more about Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO); Asia’s premier pre-professional orchestra- offering opportunities for advanced study, performance and international concert touring with celebrated artists and conductors.

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