Sports Philosophy for Gay Games Hong Kong 2022


The Gay Games motto is centered towards bringing unity in diversity, thus their sports philosophy is an important part of the mission. Hong Kong’s one of a kind geographical location, sports program diverseness, and superior sports venues will provide opportunities for participants  and the organising team to excel in the Gay  Games. It will be an empowering experience for  LGBT+ athletes and communities in all parts of  Asia to participate on a level playing field with  everyone else. Since Hong Kong is a cultural kaleidoscope; sports are an integral part of its culture in providing recognition to LGBT communities and exposing their hidden talents.

The Kai Tak Multi-Sports Park Project is projected to open in 2022

Hong Kong is famous  for hosting spectator sports such as horse racing, football, rugby, basketball and dragon boating. Hong Kong has hosted East Asian Games  in 2009 and continues to participate actively in  Asian and Olympic Games. The Gay Games will bring out the best of the often overlooked LGBT+ communities and set them on an equivalent platform. For every event, Hong Kong has a special venue in all over the city, so the participants might travel as well as enjoy the scenic sights of Hong Kong. Moreover, Hong Kong has  a barrier free environment for disabled citizens. Thus, participants with disabilities will be able to  access to our sporting venues. GGHK2022 has 4 disabled athletes in their ambassadors list and they are passionate in supporting Hong Kong’s bid to the local paralympic community.

All 33 games/events are open to all genders, where Powerlifting and Bodybuilding are considered major sports for the LGBT community in Asia. Local sports are added to spice up the thrill of the games. Maintaining and including the local sports will surely attract local and international participants regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, economic status, performance, and gaming ability. Hosting the Gay Games in Hong Kong will provide an opportunity  to learn from existing  international LGBT+ sport organisations, using this knowledge to evolve into formal LGBT+ sport organisations and become future members of the International Federation of Gay Games. Having the Gay Games hosted in Hong  Kong will benefit much the regional and international LGBT+ sports scene.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can download the complete Bid Book here. You can also show your support to GGHK2022 by donating as per your preference – as your contribution matters!



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