Strengthen your Yoga Practice and Run Faster + Farther with these Tips

April 28, 2017


Strengthen Your Practice with A Day With Fe

Yoga is not only about poses. It is actually more about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. And, to be comfortable you need comfortable clothing. Fret not, A Day with Fe is here to help! This aesthetic brand offers stylish and comfortable active wear, perfect for yoga, lunch with the girls, and everywhere life takes you. A Day with Fe delivers that exceptional mindfulness mantra that will make your body move with flexibility and easiness you’ve never imagined!

Practicing yoga can seemingly become difficult when you first try tweaking it into your busy routine. But it’s never too late to strengthen your practice to the core.

Here’s how you can incorporate yoga practice in your daily life:

Fresh Hair: Organic Dry Shampoo

There’s nothing worse than getting a beautiful blowout and having to wash it out the next day because of a greasy scalp. What shall be done? Is there any way to keep the picture-perfect hair fresh and bouncy all day long? Let us be thankful that ‘dry shampoo’ exists as the ultimate hair savior! With dozens of benefits, dry shampoo saves hair from washing -and ruining- delicately styled hair as well as saving time in the morning when you’re getting ready for school or the office. Gourmet Skin Bar, Hong Kong’s supreme luxury beauty boutique, offers such originally crafted organic and 100% pure beauty and bath products within your reach.

Here are some highlights about organic dry shampoo you should know:

Pilates for Running Faster and Farther with Less Risk of Injury.

Whether you’re a competitive runner or weekend jogger trying to shed a few pounds, there’s no doubt that running is an easy way to keep in great cardiovascular shape. But your body can take a beating from running if you are not careful, this is something that Pilates can help with! Pilates exercises create a stronger, more flexible spine and core, helping you to transfer forces through your body more efficiently.  Another huge benefit is that it both reduces the risk of and promotes faster recovery from strains or injuries. The majority of runners injure themselves out of running- learn how to run effectively and efficiently at a leading Pilates instruction and training center, like Iso Fit. Training at Iso Fit keeps both experienced athletes and beginners healthy, fit and happy.

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New Polestar Running Course in Singapore – Runity

Polestar Pilates is the world-renown provider of Pilates Education that has produced top-notch Pilates teachers around the world. Every training session stems from the notion of impacting the world via an intellectual moving force with the nourishment of awareness of self and society. Polestar Pilates Asia offers training in the main urban centers throughout Asia at their Host Centres; fully operational and well equipped Pilates facilities owned and managed by experienced professionals. Polestar is a huge fan of Runity and their Painless Running courses for runners of all levels. Polestar Host Site, Focus Pilates, in Singapore will be the first centre in Asia to host a Runity Course!

Read on to discover what Runity is.


Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

April 26, 2017


Looking to increase your brand’s reach on social media? Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to connect those internet users with your business. To make your business communication more effective, count on Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA). With more than a decade’s experience, Asia’s leading social media agency provides so many digital solutions no other social media agency can offer. This way, you can just catapult yourself to success by optimizing and spreading the word with PRDA! Read on for a few tips to ensure your business is using social media effectively:

Business Presence on Popular Search Engines

At a bare minimum, you need to make sure that your business has a presence on Google and Facebook. If your business has been around a while, it may already have a listing on Google, but you need to claim that listing and ensure it has correct and relevant information.


Ensure your Social Media Presence is Diverse

There is a real advantage to having a social media presence on several different platforms. Different sites can feed into each other, and each have their own unique advantages. For example; creating a YouTube page and posting a few videos is an easy way to boost your search ranking.

Schedule Your Postings

Reaching larger target audience on social media requires time management for your posts. Timing depends upon the type of social media site you’re using, as every social site has a different ‘best times’ for posting. Always schedule your posts for peak hours- this is something PRDA can manage for you!


A Helping Hand

Managing social media takes time and expertise, especially when your business is looking to maintain a presence across multiple sites. Some businesses delegate the maintenance of social media pages to someone already working in the office, but this often results in inconsistent quality. Personal experience with social media is useful, but an assistant with a Facebook page is not usually equipped to project a professional image for your brand. However, the social media experts at  Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA) can always be availed for such service. Try their Free Facebook Report and Competitor Analysis here and let them help your brand succeed!


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Healthy Gastronomy: Using Rapeseed Oil for Cookery

April 26, 2017



The popularity of rapeseed oil in cookery has surged since 2008 when it was discovered that it has amazing health benefits. This also explains why premium meat producer Flodins, dedicated to providing their customers with healthy foods, have found that carefully enriching pigs’ diets with Brassica napus seed(Rapeseed) improves the texture and flavour of the pork, as well as enhancing the level of Omega-3. Rapeseed oil is drawn from the black seeds of the rapeseed plant, a member of the brassica family. Read on to learn more about using Rapeseed Oil in your meals and it’s many health benefits.

Rape oil into glass bottle, blossoming rape field


Rapeseed Oil itself has a longer shelf life as compared to other cooking oils hence being very economical and healthy. Just make sure that it is properly stored in a dry place, shielded away from the sun. Cold rapeseed oil can be used as dressing for your salad- simply drizzle on with a high quality vinegar. When it is to be used for frying healthy, delicious meat or pork, then rapeseed oil has to be heated.


Rapeseed oil has many  health benefits, including the following:

  • It is high in the essential fatty acids omegas 3, 6, and 9.
  • Its omega 3 level is 10 times that of olive oil- these are very proactive when it comes to keeping cholesterol in check.
  • It has the lowest saturated fat levels of any oil, half that of olive oil.
  • It is an excellent source of vitamins E and K.
  • It has virtually no trans-fats.
  • It has no artificial preservatives.
  • It is not genetically modified.

These health benefits are accessible to almost everyone since rapeseed oil fits well into a vegetarian, kosher, halal, or gluten-free diet.


The high quality fat in Flodins Omega-3 Pork is distributed throughout the meat, which makes it more tender, tasty and full of the mouth-watering juices that every professional chef or home cook aims to bring to the table. Both quick to prepare, and with a better flavor and texture- it’s no surprise that many top Nordic chefs choose Omega-3 pork for their menus! Home cooks in Hong Kong can now also prepare amazingly delicious dinners for their families with Flodins award-winning Omega-3 Pork- it’s available at ParkNShop FUSION Supermarkets (Discovery Bay, Parkview) and TASTE Supermarkets (Festival Walk, Stanley Plaza and Hopewell Center).


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Just Get Up and Dance!

April 26, 2017


Everyone loves to dance! People were shaking their stuff on the dance floor long before YouTube launched Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake. Dancing is a skill; an art rather than just tapping your feet on the ground and clapping around. Dancing brings people close and helps them forget the world around them.  Committed to including the sports you love, DanceSport will be one of the sporting events at Gay Games Hong Kong 2022. Everybody is capable of moving to music. And dance breaks all barriers of race, gender, sexual orientation, and age.

Not everyone realizes that dancing has been a sport since the early 20th century. It was Camille de Rhynal, a French businessman, and other magnificent dancers who initiated dance contests in place of the traditional ballroom dances. In 1907, the first international Tango tournament was held in Nice, France and later followed in Germany and England. ‘DanceSport’ was the term coined by the World DanceSport Federation in 1980s.  As a sport, dance delivers all the physical requirements of a sport, and also incorporates unique artistic attributes. DanceSport is a balance of “Art and Athleticism”- most similarly seen in Ballet. Moreover, it represents the comprehensive image of an activity that remains within the reach of every individual- crossing all barriers.

No matter who you are, DanceSport is for you! One of the sporting events at Gay Games Hong Kong 2022, Dance Sport events will be sanctioned by IFSSDA (International Federation of Same- Sex Dance Association) and Asian Dance Sport Federation (ADSF). Planned event venue will be located at Queen Elizabeth Stadium Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island.

Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 will be an empowering experience for all – anyone can participate- regardless of ability, age, sexual orientation, race, gender, nationality, political or religious beliefs, ethnic origins, or HIV status- and let their passion for sports bloom without fear of being judged or stigmatized. Show your support by following #GGHK2022 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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Fashion + Fitness, Music, Chocolate and Swarovski Sparkles Within!

April 21, 2017


Tavi Noir: Where Fashion Meets Fitness

Workout a little stale? Boring? Many people stop their fitness programme because of lack of interest- it’s important to love your workout and your workout apparel! Style is an external reflection of our personality. There’s no need to suppress it or compromise it just because you are getting sweaty during a workout. That’s why T8 Fitness offers a diverse range of equipment and accessories that meet both your fashion and function needs.  When you feel good about the way you look you have more confidence in what you do. So, express yourself through fashion during your fitness routine to make the workout more fun and enjoyable with T8 Fitness’s new Grip Socks brand- Tavi Noir.

If you’re looking for superior functionality, deluxe fit, high detailing and comfortable wear, then click here to read more!

Help AYOHK Transform Lives Through the Power of Music

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything – Plato

Since the beginning of time, man has used many languages for communication, one of which is music coming from euphonious trills of musical instruments. Considering music is a multifaceted dimension, one can lift himself up above the clouds and experience heavenly bliss. However, the musical heritage has been preserved with great care for centuries and in doing so, the Asian Youth Orchestra (AYOHK) has played a pivotal role. Not only has it strived to become the leading orchestra around the globe but also, has transformed the lives of Asian youth with the power vested in classical music.

Every contribution is welcome! Click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Enjoy Chocolate, Savour Mindfulness

It’s widely known that your mood can trigger food cravings, cause you to overeat or kill your appetite entirely. But the opposite also holds true in that the food you eat can make or break your mood. One of these foods is very well known around the world; chocolate. Chocolate has a host of good-for-you benefits; including being loaded with high antioxidants, Vitamin C, magnesium and chromium, counteraction of depression and stress, longevity, prevention of diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Yes, that’s true! It all comes down to choosing the right chocolate to enjoy. Choose good quality, organic and ethically produced chocolate- such as Goodio Chocolates, recently brought from Helsinki to Hong Kong by Food Linkers.

Chocolate is best enjoyed when eaten mindfully. Yes, you can have a mindful experience while munching on some good chocolate squares! Click here to learn how.

Must-See Swarovski Beauty and the Beast Figurines for Disney Fans

With the recent release of the new live-action Disney film “Beauty and the Beast”, these keepsake Authentic Belle Swarovski Crystal and the accompanying Enchanted Rose are flying off the shelves! Good news, you can find them and many more Disney Princesses and other characters, as well as adorable animals and other Swarovski collectibles at Le Luxury!  Le Luxury is an online store where you can find the perfect gift for any occasion for your loved ones.

Click here to learn more about their current Beauty and the Beast and other Disney figurines!


Boost Your LinkedIn Profile with These Tips

April 19, 2017


You only get one chance to make a good first impression- so it’s  important to have a well-presented and well-expressed profile that catches the eye. To plan success for your business and guide you clearly through the social media design, Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA), may be the pivoting point for you! As the leading social media agency in Asia, they provide services such as SEM, SEO, Social CRM, Risk Management, Lead Generation and much more.

Here are some tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand among others and get selected:

  • A Professional Photo

Although it’s not compulsory to smile in your display photo, it can make your profile attractive and approachable. Adding a nice photo from a recent event with happy face(s) can get your profile noticed!

  • A Meaningful Headline

In many ways, the profile’s headline is its most important element, because it’s the one piece of information, other than your photo and current position, that shows up on LinkedIn searches.


  • Treating Career History Like a Mini Resume

LinkedIn is a professional website to build connections, so add your work and career history. These is no need to stress over formatting like on a resume, and as this is a public profile- be smart about which details are shared and which are better left private)or discussed 1-1 later)

  • Your Connections

Whether you know them or not, building up connections is what keeps your professional reputation alive. It’s important to share mutual interests with the people you connect.

  • Education Matters

Enlisting your educational qualification can help throw the ball in your court! Sometimes recruiters search for candidates via degree title and relative educational information.

  • Endorsements and Recommendations

Endorsement makes it possible for hirers to get an idea of candidate’s’ skills while recommendations carry more weight with recruiters.


Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA)’s proven data driven process delivers predictable results driven by organic, real people action. Contact PRDA now to grow your business!

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Write Your Success Story with Schneider One’s Innovative Rollerball Series

April 19, 2017


“The most noble and honorable task we have in our life is the upbringing of the next generation.“

There’s no arguing that laptops, tablets and smartphones enable us to communicate quickly and effectively. Surprisingly to some, studies show that the majority of business professionals still use handwritten notes in addition to digital media. One may conclude that by integrating handwritten notes with digital communication, workflow and overall productivity increases dramatically. Think to-do lists. One of the best innovative writing tools used by successful writers and professionals is the Schneider One Innovative rollerball series. You can find them in Hong Kong at Planethome (Bed & Bath) Ltd in Tsim Sha Tsui or you can always visit Le Luxury’s online store on eBay to buy these exclusive, high-quality pens at very affordable rates.

Handwriting also has benefits for the writer.  Researchers believe that the simple act of constructing the letters and forming words and symbols on paper increases our ability to recall information. Whether or not composition on a digital device has similar benefits is an open question. With every word written, the rollerball series by Schneider One is specially concocted for smooth precision, writing comfort, and premium sustainability for everyday use and is suitable for a variety of handwriting styles at any situation. The best one available in the market are from Schneider, a Germany-based company that is now offering a new and improved miracle rollerball pen delivers a completely different writing sensation due to the juicy flowing ink.

Planethome (Bed & Bath) Ltd

Unit 42, UG Floor, Wing On Plaza

62 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: 2327 5768


The Schneider Rollerball Series also incorporates unique characteristics of One Hybrid by combining indestructible steel with durable flexible plastic. The ingenious Liquid-Ink-System fitted within equalizes the pressure during writing, prevents leakage and lets you utilize the ink till the last drop of it. Clever, isn’t it? What’s even cleverer is that all the colors of Schneider One rollerball series are waterproof and won’t dry out for 2-3 days when left open! In addition, this beautifully crafted writing instrument has a high quality metal clip that follows the classical example of a fountain pen. Ready to snag one for yourself? Then head on over to Planet home (Bed & Bath) Ltd in Tsim Sha Tsui or stop by  Le Luxury’s online store on eBay now!

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