Unique Omega-3 Pork Belly can be Served Pink!



People love trying out new foods. However, there are some foods that some people are afraid to try, no matter how tasty it is. And one of these is raw or undercooked pork. The good news is that Flodins has a pork product that you can eat raw without worrying about ill effects. In particular, their Omega-3 pork has a very nice intramuscular fat, so it has a great mouthfeel. Flodins Nordic farming methods and years of research into healthier eating have resulted in delicious, juicy and tender pork, which is simple for even a novice cook to prepare, cook and serve to their family’s delight. You can (and should) enjoy their meat pink- it’s a completely different pork experience!

Flodins Omega-3 pork prepared by Executive Chef Jaakko Sorsa at FINDS, Hong Kong’s first and finest Nordic restaurant and bar.



Ever since beef  tartare and sushi became popular, raw animal products have been known as luxury menu items. Raw pork may still be a restaurant rarity, but increasing numbers of chefs are starting to serve their pork cooked to medium-rare. Then again, many of them acknowledge that even faintly pink pork seems to upset their diners.  The question is, should it?


The reason most pork cannot be served pink, and must be fully(and usually over-cooked) is due to Trichinella. This is not present in Flodins meat at all. It is a worm parasite that is found in pork when the pigs eat scraps of meat that have larval cysts. As a result, the pig’s meat becomes infected as well. If eaten undercooked, it can affect the health of humans. That is the reason why people began to over-cook their pork, but it is also incredibly uncommon in today’s world. Medium-rare pork is more succulent, tender, and flavorful than its well-done counterpart. The key is to make sure your pork is from pigs raised in safe, clean, and humane environments, slaughtered and packaged and shipped in a sensible and efficient way.

If you are ready to explore a whole new side of pork, and want to try eating pork pink, then purchase Flodins’ Omega-3 Pork Belly. The only worry you will have when cooking the succulent meat is making sure it is not overcooked. With Flodins Nordic-raised pork, you will be able to fully enjoy the unique taste of the pink meat without having to think about the consequences of eating pork raw.


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