Delicious “Pink” Omega-3 Pork, Living LGBT in Hong Kong and LinkedIn How-to’s Inside!


Living LGBT in Hong Kong

As a whole, Chinese culture is quite conservative when it comes to homosexuality. Fortunately Hong Kong is a liberal city and there are no qualms when it comes to being openly gay here, for both locals and foreigners alike. In 1991 homosexuality became legal in Hong Kong; however, anti-discrimination laws are limited, gay marriage is not legal in Hong Kong, and existing same-sex marriages are not formally recognised. The gay community continues to lobby for equal rights for same-sex unions and anti-discrimination legislation and social recognition of same-sex couples. Many are hopeful that hosting the 2022 Gay Games in Hong Kong could be a stepping stone toward finally legalizing LGBT marriage in Hong Kong.

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Unique Omega-3 Pork Belly can be Served Pink!


People love trying out new foods. However, there are some foods that some people are afraid to try, no matter how tasty it is. And one of these is raw or undercooked pork. The good news is that Flodins has a pork product that you can eat raw without worrying about ill effects. In particular, their Omega-3 pork has a very nice intramuscular fat, so it has a great mouthfeel. Flodins Nordic farming methods and years of research into healthier eating have resulted in delicious, juicy and tender pork, which is simple for even a novice cook to prepare, cook and serve to their family’s delight. You can (and should) enjoy their meat pink- it’s a completely different pork experience!


If you are ready to explore a whole new side of pork, then click here to read on!

Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

Using social media as a business platform has become ubiquitous these days. Like other forms of Internet marketing, marketing a small or home business on LinkedIn is relatively inexpensive and provides a lot of bang for the buck. If that’s the market you are trying to reach, you need to get in the game! Start by contacting a leading professional marketing agency like Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA). As Asia’s first and leading social media agency, PRDA has been in the business for over 10 years and provides a complete solution for all your Social Media Management.

LinkedIn can be a great way to promote your business, with the world’s largest audience of influential, affluent professionals all in one place.

Here are a few reasons why.


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