Gigi Chao: Economist’s Pride and Prejudice conference Hong Kong 2017


Hosting the Gay Games in 2022 will bring Hong Kong millions! This was the message from Gay Games Hong Kong organizers at the Economist 2nd annual Pride and Prejudice conference, held simultaneously in London, New York and Hong Kong on March 23.


Many of the world’s most influential business leaders, decision-makers, government policymakers, and innovative thinkers, gathered for this an unbiased, content-driven and business-oriented conversation examining the economics and human costs of discrimination against the LGBT+ community.


Hong Kong is currently on the short list of possible locations for the 2022 games with a long list of advocates pointing to both the financial and cultural benefits the city serves to gain by hosting the Gay Games. Organizers estimate that more than a half billion dollars will be pumped into the Hong Kong economy if the games are held here.


Among the presenters in Hong Kong was Financial Times #1 OUTleader for 2016, Gigi Chao executive vice-chairman of Cheuk Nang Holdings, prominent gay rights advocate and Ambassador for Gay Games Hong Kong 2022. She is famously known for her letter in the South China Morning Post declaring that men “are just not for me,” in response to her billionaire father’s $65 million bounty to the man who would “woo and marry” his daughter. Chao, who is one of Asia’s most visible lesbians, spoke to the group about the economic and social benefits of hosting the games.


The global PR firm, Ogilvy also graciously hosted a stand for GGHK supporters to share information and answer questions.


Founded in San Francisco in 1982, the Gay Games have become the world’s largest sporting and cultural event led by LGBT+ athletes, artists, and musicians. Cleveland (USA) served as host city to the Gay Games in 2014. More than 8,800 people representing 60 countries competed in 37 events in Cleveland. The next Gay Games will be held next year in Paris, where they are anticipating 15,000 participants.

The Gay Games’ core mission is to promote equality of human beings through organization of and participation in this international sport and cultural event.  The festival focuses on the three central themes of sports, arts and culture.


This inclusive, world-class sport and cultural festival is held every four years. Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of sexual orientation, ability, gender, age or race. The Gay Games also seek to build bridges between heterosexual and LGBT+ communities, in and beyond sports.


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