Must-See Swarovski Beauty and the Beast Figurines for Disney Fans


With the recent release of the new live-action Disney film “Beauty and the Beast”, these keepsake Authentic Belle Swarovski Crystal and the accompanying Enchanted Rose are flying off the shelves! Good news, you can find them and many more Disney Princesses and other characters, as well as adorable animals and other Swarovski collectibles at Le Luxury!  Le Luxury is an online store where you can find the perfect gift for any occasion for your loved ones. Learn more about their current Beauty and the Beast and other Disney figurines below.

From Generation X to Millennials and beyond, everyone  loves Disney and adores the way each animation or live action movie inspires dreams, hopes and imagination. Preserve these precious moments, to inspire you with sparkling crystal figurines by Swarovski.. Only available in 2017, this authentic and detailed Limited Edition depicts the character Belle from the much-loved Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. The popular Disney princess is exquisitely crafted with 450 sparkling facets in clear and yellow crystal. A must for Disney collectors or a perfect gift for anyone who has always dreamed of becoming a princess. The Belle figurine is the most fascinating piece among others as the details and colors are justified in this 3D genuine crystal figurine. Also, the Enchanted Rose adds more to your enchantment as it comes as a delicately cut and designed rose with bell jar. These figurines are  guaranteed Brand New, 100% Authentic Swarovski and are packaged in Swarovski Original Packing.

So head on over to Le Luxury’s eBay shops and find these items and many more Disney Princesses and other characters, as well as adorable animals and other Swarovski collectibles. Whether you display them for yourself or pass on the love for Disney legacy to the next generation is up to you!


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