New Polestar Running Course in Singapore – Runity


Polestar Pilates is the world-renown provider of Pilates Education that has produced top-notch Pilates teachers around the world. Every training session stems from the notion of impacting the world via an intellectual moving force with the nourishment of awareness of self and society. Polestar Pilates Asia offers training in the main urban centers throughout Asia at their Host Centres; fully operational and well equipped Pilates facilities owned and managed by experienced professionals. Polestar is a huge fan of Runity and their Painless Running courses for runners of all levels. Polestar Host Site, Focus Pilates, in Singapore will be the first centre in Asia to host a Runity Course! Read on to discover what Runity is.

What is Runity? Runity is where technology and science meet to help runners do what they were born to do. Runity isn’t just about running; it’s all about running! It’s your personal trainer that improves your stamina and techniques, supports your training, reduces chances of injuries and helps you aspire for higher goals. The biggest problem faced by runners is neglecting to build their core and overall strength and mobility. (Many runners tend to only focus on their legs) Runity has been developed to build better runners and coaches that are born to run and lead a running generation. It is a dynamic running platform where runners meet the concoction of technology and science.

Runity is a unique training course that will set your and your clients apart from general runners and aspires others to step into the running track. The Runity experience starts face to face, with personal assessment and programming from a Runity Certified Running Coach. The journey continues on every run, every day, helping runners achieve their goals and keep going, free of injury. If you want to specialize your career, you can also become a Runity Running Coach via the Runity Running Coach Certification program.

Jump on this invaluable opportunity asap, as more than one billion runners are waiting for your enhanced coaching skills. Learn more about Polestar Pilates Asia upcoming running course in Singapore and Register here.

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