Row, Row, Row Your Boat at Gay Games Hong Kong 2022


Although all the proposed sporting events for #GGHK2022 have their own uniqueness, Rowing is going to be an exceptional standout! What makes rowing exceptional in Hong Kong is its long heritage and connection to both old and modern culture; Dragon Boating. In fact. Hong Kong will be the first Gay Games to have Dragon Boating as a sporting event. Thru these events, Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 will provide an opportunity for local LGBT groups to learn from current international LGBT sports organizations, so they can become one of them and join the Gay Games international federation as members in future.

Rowing is more than a recreational activity; it also serves as high-level training for athletes participating in the Olympics and Asian Games. Fine, lightweight boats with single, 2 or 8 seats are used, which can be divided into two types i.e. sweep oar boats and sculling boats. The sweep oar boats require the rower to use single oar, while in the latter, the rower uses two oars. The oars are long and hollow shafts (either made of wood or carbon fibre) with a handle and blade. These are also designed according to the types of boats they are used in. Rowing at GGHK2022 will be sanctioned by the Hong Kong China Rowing Association (HKCRA). For their upcoming event, the International Masters Regatta on April 23rd 2017, HKCRA has introduced the galaxy course for training of rowing for all levels of participants.

The Gay Games have gained a prominent name in the world of sports over the last 40 years, focusing on acceptance of all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and sporting abilities. The term ‘Gay Games’ can be a bit misleading as this sporting and cultural event isn’t just for the LGBT community. It’s for anyone and everyone who loves sports and cultural events! Hong Kong shares this attitude, and thus submitted their bid for Gay Games 2022 in early 2016- and now Hong Kong is officially shortlisted!

See all 300 pages of the bid book for yourself, download available here. Contributions welcome!


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