Tavi Noir: Where Fashion Meets Fitness


Workout a little stale? Boring? Many people stop their fitness programme because of lack of interest- it’s important to love your workout and your workout apparel! Style is an external reflection of our personality. There’s no need to suppress it or compromise it just because you are getting sweaty during a workout. That’s why T8 Fitness offers a diverse range of equipment and accessories that meet both your fashion and function needs.  When you feel good about the way you look you have more confidence in what you do. So, express yourself through fashion during your fitness routine to make the workout more fun and enjoyable with T8 Fitness’s new Grip Socks brand- Tavi Noir.

Wear Tavi Noir grip socks during barre, yoga and Pilates workouts to get the most secure foot placement on the floor, mat, and all equipment. Tavi Noir is especially designed by women for women who like to enjoy their exercise sessions. Whether it’s a street or studio, you can feel confident and finally let your inner fashion guru step out during fitness routine.

Tavi Noir’s technical triangle grip is super functional and based on the performance aspects of a surfboard traction pad. Triangles have three points of attachment so not only do they stay on the socks, but they also provide the most surface area for gripping. Additional features include use of eco-friendly material, comfort and eliminated risks of injuries. Bonus: Tavi Noir grips are designed to last through many washes and physical wear while other fitness-focused socks lose their stick quickly.

If you’re looking for superior functionality, deluxe fit, high detailing and comfortable wear, then Tavi socks are the best catch! Find Tavi Noir Cashmere socks, knee high, savvy and chey grip socks only at T8 Fitness’s online shop and say hello to your new fashionable and functional collection!

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