What is Rapeseed Oil and it’s Benefits?



Wondering what’s all the buzz about Rapeseed Oil and is it really healthy for you? Wonder no more! Rapeseed Oil is a great choice for cooking, and delivers a very characteristic and pleasant aroma which goes not only pairs perfectly with Flodins’ premium Nordic meat, but it’s also incredibly beneficial, as it turns out. Note that Flodins’ raises their pigs on small, family owned farms and feeds them a completely natural diet of GMO-free corn mixed with locally grown rapeseed- also known more scientifically as Brassica napus seed. This improves the texture and flavour of the pork, as well as significantly increases the level of Omega-3’s in the meat. Read on to learn just a few of the benefits Rapeseed Oil brings to the table.

It’s Rich in Vitamin E

Perfect for frying Flodins’ premium meat, rapeseed oil is a great option if you are looking to get some additional vitamin E. This is a very convenient and powerful antioxidant which can help you fight damage caused by harmful free radicals in your cells. Due to this particular fact, Rapeseed Oil can also be helpful in preventing various health issues, such as diabetes, cataracts, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin E can also effectively lower the presence of bad cholesterol in the body.


Lower in Saturated Fats

Rapeseed oil is very famous for the fact that it contains the lowest amount of harmful saturated fat. In case you aren’t aware – saturated fat could make you vulnerable towards a range of different of issues such as heart attacks, cardiovascular disorders, stroke, hypertension and others alike.


Loaded with Healthy Fats

The mention of the word “fat” can make a lot of people cringe. Nevertheless, not all the types of fats should be actively avoided. There are certain ones which are bad for your health, but there are also some, such as the ones contained in rapeseed oil, which are particularly beneficial. This is definitely something for you to consider as it’s capable of keeping your heart, brain, and joints strong and healthy.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of different advantages that rapeseed oil can bring to you. This organic product is the perfect additive for your cooking needs, and it’s not only beneficial, but it’s also pretty tasty. Flodins premium omega-3 pork also gets tremendously delicious when cooked with rapeseed oil and you needn’t look for any other solution. Click here to learn more about Flodins Nordic farming methods and premium pork.


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