Fresh Hair: Organic Dry Shampoo


There’s nothing worse than getting a beautiful blowout and having to wash it out the next day because of a greasy scalp. What shall be done? Is there any way to keep the picture-perfect hair fresh and bouncy all day long? Let us be thankful that ‘dry shampoo’ exists as the ultimate hair savior! With dozens of benefits, dry shampoo saves hair from washing -and ruining- delicately styled hair as well as saving time in the morning when you’re getting ready for school or the office. Gourmet Skin Bar, Hong Kong’s supreme luxury beauty boutique, offers such originally crafted organic and 100% pure beauty and bath products within your reach.

Here are some highlights about organic dry shampoo you should know:

  • Dry Shampoo, Dry Hair – As the name indicates, dry shampoo should be used only on dry hair. Yes, it works best with dry hair rather than on wet hair!
  • White and Dry – Don’t worry if your hair turns a little white upon application of dry shampoo. Before styling, let the product sit in for a few seconds, then comb through your hair using your fingers if you notice any white residue.
  • Root Application – Always remember to apply dry shampoo to your hair roots as if you spray or spread it over your hair, chances are you’ll be left with white residue all over it.


  • Apply and Distribute – After application, check your hair over in case you missed any spots. Distribute the dry shampoo evenly throughout your hair- focusing on your roots- using a wide toothed brush.
  • Touch Your Hair Not – Leave your gorgeous hair alone! If you keep touching it, natural oils in your hands will make it greasy again.
  • More Volume, More Luscious Locks – Dry shampoo not only keeps oils away, but also adds volume and texture to your hair. Cheers!

If you’re ready for some serious hair care business, then try the Organic Lavender Clary Sage Hair Powder and Organic Jasmine Hair Powder by Lulu Organics, brought to you by the one and only, Gourmet Skin Bar – because happy hair means happy you!

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