Write Your Success Story with Schneider One’s Innovative Rollerball Series


“The most noble and honorable task we have in our life is the upbringing of the next generation.“

There’s no arguing that laptops, tablets and smartphones enable us to communicate quickly and effectively. Surprisingly to some, studies show that the majority of business professionals still use handwritten notes in addition to digital media. One may conclude that by integrating handwritten notes with digital communication, workflow and overall productivity increases dramatically. Think to-do lists. One of the best innovative writing tools used by successful writers and professionals is the Schneider One Innovative rollerball series. You can find them in Hong Kong at Planethome (Bed & Bath) Ltd in Tsim Sha Tsui or you can always visit Le Luxury’s online store on eBay to buy these exclusive, high-quality pens at very affordable rates.

Handwriting also has benefits for the writer.  Researchers believe that the simple act of constructing the letters and forming words and symbols on paper increases our ability to recall information. Whether or not composition on a digital device has similar benefits is an open question. With every word written, the rollerball series by Schneider One is specially concocted for smooth precision, writing comfort, and premium sustainability for everyday use and is suitable for a variety of handwriting styles at any situation. The best one available in the market are from Schneider, a Germany-based company that is now offering a new and improved miracle rollerball pen delivers a completely different writing sensation due to the juicy flowing ink.

Planethome (Bed & Bath) Ltd

Unit 42, UG Floor, Wing On Plaza

62 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: 2327 5768


The Schneider Rollerball Series also incorporates unique characteristics of One Hybrid by combining indestructible steel with durable flexible plastic. The ingenious Liquid-Ink-System fitted within equalizes the pressure during writing, prevents leakage and lets you utilize the ink till the last drop of it. Clever, isn’t it? What’s even cleverer is that all the colors of Schneider One rollerball series are waterproof and won’t dry out for 2-3 days when left open! In addition, this beautifully crafted writing instrument has a high quality metal clip that follows the classical example of a fountain pen. Ready to snag one for yourself? Then head on over to Planet home (Bed & Bath) Ltd in Tsim Sha Tsui or stop by  Le Luxury’s online store on eBay now!

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