Save Your Skin This Summer with Suntegrity from Gourmet Skin Bar


Summer’s almost here, and you know what that means: outdoor festivals, barbecues, and days at the beach! Unfortunately, there’s nothing like a sunburn to put a damper on the fun, not to mention leave behind some pretty unsightly tan lines. Want to save your skin, but avoid harsh, unhealthy chemicals?  You need Suntegrity from Gourmet Skin Bar, Hong Kong’s luxury boutique organic beauty bar! Every luxurious skin-loving beauty brand Gourmet Skin Bar carries is ethically produced, natural, and toxin-free.

Suntegrity sunscreens make no compromises – they are natural, non-toxic, with an amazing 20% of UVA and UVB-protecting zinc oxide, but are also non-greasy and smell great. Not only are these fantastic and high performance sunscreens, but the Suntegrity line is also packed with antioxidants that moisturise and protect the skin. We simply couldn’t do without our favourite green BB cream, which comes in a whopping 4 shades!

Sunscreen can save your skin in so many ways, here are a few facts you should know:

You need to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.

  • The active ingredients in sunscreen break down when exposed to UV light, so you need to keep reapplying as the ingredients lose effectiveness. This is a minimum of every 2 hours, but apply more often if you sweat or swim.

Use one ounce to cover your whole body

  • Research shows that many people put on about half of the amount of sunscreen they need, so be sure to fully cover your skin. Remember your lips also- that’s sensitive skin! And don’t forget the sensitive skin on your lips: we recommend Hurraw! Sun Balm with SPF 15.


Seek shade whenever possible

  • Sunscreen is not a free pass to suntan all day. If you really want to save your skin, the best approach is to use sunscreen, cover up (hats, sunglasses, SPF clothing), and seek shade.


With a broad range of amazing naturals, Gourmet Skin Bar brings you a complete range of 100% pure and organic, naturally-produced beauty items that you’d definitely want to love, cherish and protect your skin. Definitely check out their amazing products today!

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