New to the Violin? Read these 5 Things to Know from the Asian Youth Orchestra


Watching solo artists play violin seems so pleasing and so the novice eye, may seem so very easy. But those artists you are watching have likely spent years upon years practicing their craft daily. The truth is – your violin will most definitely not sound airy and delightful when you’re first starting out- likely the first sound you make will be a screech! Boy, these high-pitched sounds can give the present of sleepless nights to the people around you. Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) has changed the lives of many young musicians and encouraged the finest Asian talent on the worldwide platform with firm dedication and commitment to music teaching. They know there is no alternative to hard work and dedication. Music is not only a passion; it connects soul to the rhythm, the tones and the sound.

Here are 5 things to know before learning how-to play violin.

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Practice makes perfect and you should plan on practicing every day, as frequently as possible. You won’t sound like the violins in movie soundtracks for a long time, but you should see gradual improvement every time you play!


Hold Your Bow Correctly

  • The way you hold the bow is probably one of the most unnatural positions to get comfortable with, although it later will become second nature. The screeching, high-pitched, buzzing sound you hear are from holding the violin bow in an inaccurate position, and will continue until you learn the correct way of handling a violin.


Obtain Professional Instruction

  • Beginners should not practice extensively without guidance from a teacher. Developing bad habits at the beginning stages may be very difficult to break.

Keith Lau Kwok-hung, general manager of Asian Youth Orchestra, poses for a photograph at the Concert Hall of HKAPA, Wan Chai. 25JUL14. [AUG2014 FEATURES ARTS FEATURES]

Care for and Maintain Your Violin

  • If you want to be a professional violinist, you need to care for it like professionals do. Keeping up with your practice requires maintenance and cleaning properly whenever you take it out to play.


Don’t Compare Yourself to Others.

  • Easier said than done, but do your best to not compare yourself to other violinists. Many people will be better than you, but this will always be the case – so best not to let it bother you. It’s not a competition after all, the objective when playing violin is to express yourself through the music.


Every year the Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) conducts its summer festival in Hong Kong by inviting over 100 members, consisting some of the finest young musicians across Asia, for a three-week summer festival in Hong Kong before then setting off on an international tour with celebrated conductors and solo artists.  This year’s Summer Festival will run from 2 July to 24 July 2017, while the Global Performance Tour will be conducted from 25 July to 6 September.


Connect with the Asian Youth Orchestra




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