Pilates on the Go with T8 Fitness


Nothing wreaks havoc on an exercise routine like a business trip or vacation. Getting back into the swing of things after a few days off can be a challenge, so stay on track by not allowing yourself to slack off in the first place. With a little research and planning you can stick to your fitness plan no matter where you travel, returning home feeling as healthy and energized as when you left! A good place to start is with some portable exercise tools from T8 Fitness. T8 Fitness is a young, creative and extremely motivated company with a passion for fitness and innovation. Home of ToeSox Hong Kong (Toe Socks), along with Yoga, Barre and Pilates Products as well as a variety Rehab accessories!

Pilates is such a great method of exercise because it’s easy to do on the go and the optional pieces of equipment it may require are super portable. There’s no reason to deviate from your Pilates routine.

Here’s how:


  • Save the link of your favorite Pilates exercises on your smartphone or tablet. In case you are unable to access the internet whilst traveling, take some precautionary measures by jotting down the exercises or take out a print of your routine exercises before you leave. Make sure to ask your Pilates instructor for some recommendations!
  • If your hotel doesn’t offer fitness facilities, not to worry… there are many travel size products and accessories you can bring with you! With just a resistance band, massage ball and a pair of ToeSox, you can give yourself  a full body workout….and they are all lightweight and easy to transport.
  • The Pilates Magic Circle, also known as the Pilates ring and exercise ring, is lightweight and hardly takes up any space in your luggage.
  • A Pilates Mat is perfect for your hotel room, or to get some amazing shots on the beach whilst on holiday! Take along a mat that’s thin, lightweight, and easy to roll up. Then just throw down your mat anywhere and start exercising! If a mat is too much to carry, a pair of ToeSox grip socks will give you the necessary traction to do mat exercises without the mat!
  • It’s easier than ever to find Pilates classes pretty much anywhere. With a little perseverance and research, you should be able to find a class without a problem. If you’re staying at a hotel, try asking the staff if they know of any nearby studios.

T8 Fitness aims to offer a wide range of equipment solutions to solve your Pilates, Yoga and Rehab needs. Their fitness products are made to the highest standard and they always pride themselves on excellent service. Browse the T8 Fitness catalogue today and shop the very best in everything fitness and well-being!


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