Gigi Chao: Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 Ambassador



One of Asia’s most prominent LGBT+ activists, ranked 2016 #1 OUTleader by Financial Times, Gigi Chao has formally voiced her support for the 2022 Gay Games to be hosted in Hong Kong. As a Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 Ambassador, businesswoman, and philanthropist, Chao is helping bring changes to a region that lags behind Europe and North America in terms of protection of gay rights and where LGBT role models are rare, especially in business. Hong Kong is currently on the short list of possible locations for the 2022 Gay Games, with a long list of advocates pointing to both the financial and cultural benefits the region will gain by hosting the Gay Games. A successful bid could mean an estimated one billion Hong Kong dollar boost from transport, accommodation, food & beverages and shopping to Hong Kong.

The Gay Games motto is all about bringing unity in diversity, and Hong Kong’s one of a kind geographical location, sports program diverseness, and superior sports venues will provide opportunities for participants to excel. Hosting the Gay Games in Hong Kong will be an empowering experience for all Asia-based LGBT+ athletes and communities to participate on a level playing field with everyone else. Since Hong Kong is a cultural kaleidoscope; sports are an integral part of its culture in providing recognition to LGBT communities and exposing their hidden talents.

Hosted every 4 years, the 2022 Gay Games are predicted to have an estimated 15,000 athletes and 40,000 visitors flock to Hong Kong to compete in approximately 36 different sporting events over the 10-day period in November 2022. The Gay Games is the largest global sport and cultural gathering open to all, regardless of ability, age, sexual orientation, race, gender, nationality, political or religious beliefs, ethnic origin or HIV status or sporting abilities! The Gay Games also seek to build bridges between heterosexual and LGBT+ communities, in and beyond sports.


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