Hong Kong Sevens: Multicultural Celebration with Diversity for all



The 2017 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens is one of the biggest sporting events in Hong Kong and the premier tournament on the World Rugby Sevens Series 2016-17. Taking place at Hong Kong Stadium, it drew 40 International Teams and 120,000 spectators for 3 days of non-stop action and fun! Since its humble beginnings as an event to increase popularity of rugby in Asia, the Hong Kong Sevens has transformed into a multicultural celebration of sports and competition and  is a planned sporting event for Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 (GGHK2022).

Rugby Sevens events are planned to be hosted in the Hong Kong Stadium, and governed by GGHK2022 supporters- the International Gay Rugby Association and Hong Kong Rugby Union.


GGHK2022 Ambassador and Hong Kong international rugby union player, Ed Rolston says:

“I joined as an ambassador since I believe rugby as a sport is an extremely difficult environment for anybody gay to come out. I would love to do what I can to break the stigma, break down barriers for people within the sport and give anybody that is gay and plays rugby the courage to know they have my support as well as the support of the community. In doing this, hopefully the sport as a whole will become much more accepting and open. I can’t see a more worthy city or a city that needs it more than Hong Kong.”


Like the Gay Games, the Hong Kong Sevens are open to everyone regardless of sexual orientation.

Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 will be an empowering experience for all – anyone can participate- regardless of ability, age, sexual orientation, race, gender, nationality, political or religious beliefs, ethnic origins, or HIV status- and let their passion for sports bloom without fear of being judged or stigmatized. Show your support by following #GGHK2022 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Connect with Gay Games Hong Kong 2022

Donate: http://www.gaygameshk2022.com/donate


Website: http://www.gaygameshk2022.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GayGamesHK2022

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gaygameshk2022

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gaygameshk2022/


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