Landmark Win for Gay Hong Kong Civil Servant Equals Huge Win for the LGBT+ Community



Recently in a landmark victory with far-reaching implications for Hong Kong’s sexual minorities, a gay senior immigration officer has won the right to receive the same spousal benefits as his heterosexual colleagues’ spouses after a successful legal challenge against government policy. Promoting equality and inclusiveness for all is what the Gay Games are all about, many are hopeful that bringing the Gay Games to Hong Kong in 2022 could be a huge leap forward toward finally legalizing LGBT marriage in Hong Kong. This is why we urge you to show your support for Gay Games Hong Kong 2022– share with your friends, Sign Our Petition, donate your time, money and expertise into making this event happen!

Senior immigration officer for 13 years, Leung Chun-kwong, who married his partner Scott Adams in New Zealand in 2014, launched his case in 2015 against the secretary for the civil service and the commissioner of the Inland Revenue Department, which had previously denied him the right to share his benefits with his husband, Scott Adams. The Civil Service Bureau claimed it had acted “in line with the prevailing marriage law of Hong Kong” and was “safeguarding public order” by denying Adams spousal benefits, as doing so would “undermine the integrity of the institution of marriage”.  Judge Anderson Chow rejected the CSB’s argument, and said he couldn’t see how denying benefits to legally married homosexual couples would “not [undermine] the integrity of the institution of marriage in Hong Kong” or “protect the institution of the traditional family”.

Thus it is a huge win for the LGBT+ community, but the battle for equality is far from over, while Leung won his challenge against the CSB, Chow ruled in the IRD’s favor, as a provision in the Inland Revenue Ordinance states that marriage is between a man and a woman.


This is why bringing the Gay Games to Hong Kong is so important. No matter how strong the tide is against the LGBT+ communities,  hosting the Gay Games in 2022 will promote diversity, inclusion and tolerance across Asia. This is a chance for all of Hong Kong to show its pride at the international sporting and cultural event for all!


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