Asia’s second LGBT+ Choir festival: Hand in Hand Seoul 2017



Are you ready? The Harmonics of Hong Kong are going to Asia’s second LGBT Choir festival: Hand in Hand Seoul 2017! Taking place every two years, 2017’s festival takes place in Seoul, South Korea from 2-4 June 2017 with a very special concert on 4 Jun featuring performances from 8 Proud Voices Asia choirs from around the continent and beyond. We are so happy to see so many LGBT choirs coming together in Asia and especially proud to see that the Harmonics are part of this extraordinary event and helping to represent and support Gay Games Hong Kong 2022! The term ‘Gay Games’ can be a bit misleading as this sporting and cultural event isn’t just for the LGBT+ community. It’s for anyone and everyone who loves sports and cultural events!

The Hand in Hand Seoul 2017 festival features choirs from China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, as well as singers from Europe and North America. This beautiful harmony is not to be missed!


Be sure to also come and watch ‘The Harmonics’ first live concert as they ‘Sing as One!’ Saturday, June 10. This event will feature special guest LGBT-friendly choirs from London Pink Singers and Barberfellas as well as Hong Kong’s very own Elements Choir. Do not miss this international collaboration of established and new LGBT choirs from across the globe!

The Gay Games are about more than sports and competition, it’s also about showcasing all of the unique local culture in the diverse population of Hong Kong. And one of the key cultural elements that proudly makes the Gay Games so diverse and distinctive is the choral festival! As the first ever Asian city to host the Gay Games, Hong Kong will have a pivotal role to play in ensuring that such an international sporting and cultural event will enrich and promote the LGBT+ choral culture throughout the Asia Pacific region.


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