WeWood Watches: Unique Gifts For Conscious Consumers


“One watch, one tree, one planet – WeWood”

With all the technology and gadgets we now have at hand, sometimes it would nice to be able to take a break and go back in time. What do you say? Time travelling isn’t possible? Sure it is! Remember that old wooden grandfather clock in the family house? You can relive that childhood memory again, but on your wrist with WeWood watches. From the wondrous shops of Le Luxury on eBay, it’s time to stop wasting your battery life reaching into your pocket whenever you need to know the time. Go old-school and get yourself a WeWood watch!

Watches are back in style. What’s more – wooden watches are starting to catch fire as they have steadily grown in popularity since 2005. WeWood watches are handcrafted, loaded with style and are the perfect unique gift for pretty much anyone! WeWood’s first watch was designed in the fashion-mecca of Florence, Italy and today they carry over 70 different men and women’s styles. They all have something that makes them special, with plenty of unique textures, colours and designs to choose from. Since it’s made of wood, it’s a guarantee that these watches are going to be as light as a feather on your wrist. In addition WeWood plants a tree for every watch sold, so you can proudly wear your watch, knowing it’s eco-friendly. Actually, with all the attention you get wearing them, WeWood watches often serve as conversation-starters about living sustainably and supporting reforestation.

If you are an early Christmas shopper, or Dad has a birthday coming up, these would make an amazing gift for hard to shop for men! WeWood watches are made from natural wood and every model has been specially designed to complement any outfit from gym clothes to business suits. Imagine the conversation starters when his friends notice his beautiful WeWOOD watch! You can find WeWood watches in Date Army, Date Bicolor, Odyssey Brown, Moon Brown, Date/Beige Army, Sargas Beige, and Deneb Chocolate – only at Le Luxury’s branded store on ebay!

Connect with Le Luxury

Website: http://leluxury.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeLuxuryHK/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/leluxury

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