Gorgeous, Naturally Hydrating Lip Colour from Gourmet Skin Bar


Love, Cherish, Protect. This is the simple philosophy that Gourmet Skin Bar (GSB) is based on. GSB wants you to LOVE, and be comfortable in your own skin. They CHERISH life and always say no to animal testing and cruelty. Finally GSB wants to PROTECT our planet and support sustainably and ethically sourced and made brands wherever possible. Feel like beautifying your lips? Lip Euphorias from Nudus are our favorite organic,  luxury beauty brand! Read on find out more about this gorgeous, naturally hydrating lip colour…

Nudus lip colours from GSB are made to fall in love with! These heavenly lippies are handcrafted with pure and organic registered naturals using an elegant blend of 27 active ingredients loaded with antioxidants, super foods, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, essential oils and anti-aging compounds to save your lips from environmental strain and protect them from dryness and dehydration. If you’re tired of your lipstick colours disappearing quickly, consider using Nudus lip colours. Wondering why? Because these special lippies have pigments that are a special mix of ancient Ayurvedic pure bioactive colour extracts from flowers, fruits, herbs and minerals. These colour extracts  provide longer lasting colours that are amazingly vibrant!

Moreover, Nudus is the first Australian company to receive COSMOS organic certification on their lip colours because they’re so PURE! With so much goodness and love for the skin, GSB has decided to showcase Nudus lipstick, so that you don’t have to compromise your beauty standards when you can achieve the best! Visit Gourmet Skin Bar to find your fave shade of the Nudus lippies and explore their wonderful luxury, organic, beauty boutique.

Connect with Gourmet Skin Bar

Shop Online:  http://gourmetskinbar.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gourmetskinbar
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GourmetSkinBar
Instagram: https://instagram.com/gourmetskinbar/


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