Napue Gin makes the deceptively simple G&T far from ordinary!


Gin and Tonic… there is no other spirit that comes close to its fine quality and taste, or rather say, it’s impossible to imagine any other like it. Even when reduced it to three simple characters, G&T, everyone still understands what you are talking about. However, just because G&T seems simple, doesn’t mean that it’s ordinary! What could be as sweet as a misty morning meadow, with a gentle warmth and the scents and flavours of the quintessential Finnish forests? It’s Napue Gin- the world’s best gin for G&T! Originating from the world’s northernmost gin and whisky distillery in the rural village of Isokyrö, Finland; Napue Gin has been awarded “Best Gin for Gin and Tonic” at the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC). Napue Gin is now available in Hong Kong thanks to Food Linkers. Food Linkers helps Europe’s food and beverage brands to connect with Asian consumers.

The basic recipe is quite refreshing, simply mix Napue Gin and Fever Tree tonic water, pour over ice and add your garnish. We recommend throwing in a handful of cranberries, along with a rosemary sprig. A ratio of Gin to Tonic is typically 1:3, but if you want something boozier, try a 1:2 ratio- experiment to find your perfect taste!

Traditionally Gin and Tonic is garnished with a slice or wedge of lime or lemon. But you can and should try other garnishes to please your palate- and for variety! Garnishes can boost, accentuate or even contrast the flavour of your drink depending on your mood. Add an orange wheel and clove for summery flavour, or consider adding flat leaf coriander along with lemon, which can add a little zing while providing leafy depth. Add a grapefruit peel, rosemary sprig or a lavender stem if you want a garden-fresh and pretty looking herbal gin.

Choosing quality ingredients is important. Napue is a full bodied spirit with a herbal sweet taste and hints of sea-buckthorn, cranberries, pepper, rye and birch leaves. All of these ingredients along with the low northern sun and length of day in the Finnish summer creates a special intensity of flavor in the wild botanicals. Once you taste the complex, yet simple flavors of Napue Gin, you’ll need a moment to appreciate the clean, fresh finish.

You can find Napue Gin at several bars and restaurants across Hong Kong(Ozone Bar, Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour, The Pawn, Lilya, The Iron Fairies, Ophelia, Aberdeen Street Social, Brickhouse, MyHouse, FINDS), or you can order it online at from either HK Liquor Store or The Tramline Liquor Co and try the award-winning recipe at home- impressing friends and colleagues!

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