#PorkArt Success, Tips for Pilates Instructors, plus the Importance of Branded Content



#PorkArt Campaign Recap: Huge Success!

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We were totally wowed by the many amazing #PorkArt entries submitted! Flodins, the premium brand of HKScan- leading Nordic meat experts, sparked the imaginations of both professional and home chefs across Hong Kong. From May 15th- 26th 2017, #PorkArt encouraged locals to post photos of beautifully crafted pork dishes to Facebook or Instagram and the response was just incredible! There are so many ways to enjoy pork, whether on the grill, sous-vide, fried or slow-roasted, as well as flavored in so many ways, achieving a variety of truly delicious results.


3 Tips for Successful Pilates Instructors From Polestar Pilates Asia

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Becoming a Pilates instructor is a wonderful journey that requires dedication, passion, and motivation. Confucius says; “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” If you love fitness, this is the training you need to “never work another day in your life”! Start your career as a Pilates Instructor with Polestar Pilates Asia. Register today!


WeWood Watches: Unique Gifts For Conscious Consumers

“One watch, one tree, one planet – WeWood”

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With all the technology and gadgets we now have at hand, sometimes it would nice to be able to take a break and go back in time. What do you say? Time travelling isn’t possible? Sure it is! Remember that old wooden grandfather clock in the family house? You can relive that childhood memory again, but on your wrist with WeWood watches. From the wondrous shops of Le Luxury on eBay, it’s time to stop wasting your battery life reaching into your pocket whenever you need to know the time. Go old-school and get yourself a WeWood watch!


Why is Branded Content Important? PRDA Explains Here

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With more than a decade’s experience, Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA) has provided professional digital solutions to a variety of businesses.  PRDA provides its services to bring your business fresh and genuine branded content so that your business soars over the competition on social media! Content must stay relevant and fresh, and a consistent message across multiple channels is crucial to the success of branded content marketing. Why?

Branded content is crucial, as it is the key method through which your audience receives sleek and smooth content flowing with subtle information.  Click to read more.




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