Lip Euphorias, World’s Best Gin and Nutrition from the 852!

June 23, 2017


Napue Gin makes the deceptively simple G&T far from ordinary!

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Gin and Tonic… there is no other spirit that comes close to its fine quality and taste, or rather say, it’s impossible to imagine any other like it. Even when reduced it to three simple characters, G&T, everyone still understands what you are talking about. However, just because G&T seems simple, doesn’t mean that it’s ordinary! What could be as sweet as a misty morning meadow, with a gentle warmth and the scents and flavours of the quintessential Finnish forests? It’s Napue Gin- the world’s best gin for G&T! Originating from the world’s northernmost gin and whisky distillery in the rural village of Isokyrö, Finland; Napue Gin has been awarded “Best Gin for Gin and Tonic” at the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC). Napue Gin is now available in Hong Kong thanks to Food Linkers. Food Linkers helps Europe’s food and beverage brands to connect with Asian consumers.

Gorgeous, Naturally Hydrating Lip Colour from Gourmet Skin Bar

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Love, Cherish, Protect. This is the simple philosophy that Gourmet Skin Bar (GSB) is based on. GSB wants you to LOVE, and be comfortable in your own skin. They CHERISH life and always say no to animal testing and cruelty. Finally GSB wants to PROTECT our planet and support sustainably and ethically sourced and made brands wherever possible. Feel like beautifying your lips? Lip Euphorias from Nudus are our favorite organic,  luxury beauty brand! Read on find out more about this gorgeous, naturally hydrating lip colour…

Post-Workout Nutrition Strategy from T8 Fitness

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Whether you work up a sweat in the morning or evening, chances are you grab a little bite before you hit the gym. A snack before you work out helps give you energy and stamina to go the distance. But don’t forget that eating after your workout is even more important. T8 Fitness, home of ToeSox(the ultimate grip socks!) along with an extensive collection of Fitness products, Rehab Products as well as Yoga and Pilates Products and Machines, knows just how important a post-workout snack is. It helps to replenish depleted glycogen stores, shortening recovery time (aka maximizing your workout to its full potential).

Eating soon after your workout will help curb the hunger that’s sure to hit within the next couple of hours.  It’s very important to plan out what you will eat ahead of time, this way you don’t just grab junk food and ruin all the benefit from your workout! Click to read more