Farm Fresh Nordic Pork Tastes Best



Our modern culture revolves around convenience and speed. Where families used to sit around a table together and eat a homemade meal, nowadays takeout and sitting on the couch in front of the television seem the norm. However, more and more people are slowly realizing the value and importance of farm fresh foods. Farmers markets, specialty grocers, and produce stands are gaining in popularity and profit as more and more people seek a higher quality of life and health. Nordic farming methods have come to the public’s attention, as they have resulted in Scan’s amazingly delicious, juicy and tender pork- that cooks up to perfection every time.

Raising animals naturally produces the highest quality, best-tasting meat available. Scan farmers are committed to raising their animals with ethical practices, dependability and respect for what is right. Not only do they perform their jobs well, but also show a great sense of responsibility. Within a broad context concerning animal health care as well as preserving the environment, they provide the best of what the Scandinavian ethnicity has to offer. Their number one goal is to share the very best food they can, the food they feed their own families, with you and your loved ones. And as we all know, Pork is Asia’s favorite meat!

Due to the rapeseed oilseed Scan adds to their pigs feed, the essential Omega-3 fatty acids are boosted up to 4 times more compared to conventionally raised meat. This creates a very high-quality fat, that is then distributed throughout the meat, which makes it extremely tender and tasty. It’s easier to cook with it too, so it’s no surprise that many top Chefs have chosen Scan’s flower-fed pork for their menus.  And now, much to the delight of home chefs everywhere, this premium Nordic pork can be purchased at Hong Kong Supermarkets!


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