Jane Goodall Institute: Roots and Shoots HK



Today’s society lacks the knowledge needed to address different humanitarian and environmental issues. The Jane Goodall Institute is a foundation that is near and dear to us at The Ultimate Kaiser. The Jane Goodall Institute is a global nonprofit dedicated to wildlife research, education and conservation.


News about different problems in undeveloped regions are so frequently spread that the many people have become quite numb to them, winding up completely discarding and ignoring them.  Unfortunately, the needs of many people in different regions throughout the world are still not being met.


A True Pioneer

Jane Goodall created her institute back in 1991 with the idea to enlighten and interest young people on the topics of different environmental, humanitarian and conservation issues. Twenty-six years later she has managed to help more than 8000 groups consisting of more than a hundred and fifty thousand people in over 140 countries to help distinguish and manage different problems that arise in their domestic communities not only for human but also for animals and the environment.


She started off with twelve students in Tanzania which at a later age became a part of the local government. By encountering the different issues, regardless of their size, throughout each individual community, she has made the world a far better place.


Hong Kong Branch and Its Recent Activities

Did you know that the oceans and seas are heavily polluted by trash? That is disastrous for the environment and could also turn beaches into trash facilities. In their most recent activity, Roots and Shoots Hong Kong together with the Jane Goodall Institute based in Canada grouped up to clean the shores of Hong Kong. The stormy, cold weather was not an obstacle big enough to stop the passionate children and parents to put all of their efforts in that important task. The result was a trash collection of over 140 kilograms, a step closer to a cleaner world.


How Can You Make a Difference?

There are many ways to help the organization in its march to positive changes. Perhaps you have an idea of a project that they might be interested in or simply want to get involved in the process yourself.  You could send an email regarding the first option or click here and complete the online form in order to become a member of Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots.


No individual effort goes unnoticed. Whether it’s saving endangered species or helping a local African group find a new food supply, become a part of the Jane Goodall Institute and its activities and make the much needed difference!


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