The Tasty Flower-Fed Pork You’ll be Proud to Serve



“Food is Essential to life, therefore make it good.”


We all want to be healthy; to feel good and enjoy life to it’s fullest. Part of living life is enjoying tasty meals with family and friends, food often an integral  part of most social gatherings. When we choose wisely, food gives us the energy and nutrients to grow and develop, be healthy and active, to move, work, play, think and learn.  Scan strives to accomplish both of these, delicious yet also nutritious meals that you will be proud to serve to your family and also makes you feel good, feel healthy! Scan’s flower-fed Omega 3 pork concept is simply genius in it’s way to give you and your family plenty of the good omega-3 fats they need and also deliver an amazingly tender and tasty pork dinner that everyone will enjoy.


At Scan our goal is to help everyone live tastier lives, both today and tomorrow. Meat, in the right amount from the right farms, is a valuable part of a happy and healthy life. This is why we raise our pigs sustainably; on a vast, pristine Nordic  landscape with clean air, pure water and lush open fields. Our decades of experience enables us to control the entire food production process from farm to fork. We hire only the world’s best in animal care, farmers who are committed to animal welfare and environmentally-friendly farming practices.


Our small family farms are run in harmony with nature, with zero antibiotics or hormones given to our animals. These traditional methods yield a high quality pork that is packed with astonishing flavours and wonderful texture. The taste is simply striking, seasoned by the nature itself – layer upon layer of taste that you will not find in ordinary meat products.


No matter if you prefer your pork with a little extra heat or a little extra sweet; or whatever your favorite flavoring may be, Scan’s flower-fed Omega 3 pork is the way to go! The premium pork you and your family deserve.


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