Social Media Basics for Your Small Business



Advancement of technology has drastically changed the world the past decade. Even Google’s marketers didn’t expect social media to take the world by a storm and were forced to completely change their business models from traditional ones to ones based online. In order to do so, however, a person should be fully aware of the basic concepts in order to deal with the challenges social Medias put. Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA) offers a full package of services and knowledge each individual should know in order to prepare themselves for the digital world. With more than a decade of experience, the agency’s experts have been involved in numerous projects.


An Overview of the Last Decade

Let us take the American market as an example. In 2007 only a quarter of adults used online social networks. Nowadays that number has risen to 65% regarding all social Medias and the staggering 80% for Facebook. Even though many “experts” predicted that Facebook will eventually start losing ground, the company has proved to be the leader in the social media market with no realistic prognosis of anyone challenging them any time soon.


In order to take full advantage of those networks, however, there are a few basic steps you should take into account.


  • Fill Your Profile


The first impression is essential to all things – business is no different. People who open your social media profile will most likely be viewing it for the first time. You want to influence them right then and there in order to convert them on a later phase.  Fill up all of the information fields with valuable information about your business, projects, and ways to contact you, your website address and whatever else you could think of. Make sure that the information will indeed bring value to the reader.

Pro tip: Have an engaging cover photo. Many people completely disregard their cover photo, while in fact it plays a huge role in potential customers first impressions!



  • Share Regularly


You want to keep your followers busy and expand your brand. In order to do so you need to frequently share valuable, engaging content which will attract your target audience’s attention.  People share unique content, and every share helps expand your reach!


  • Respond to Comments


Answer comments as soon as possible You might want to hire a professional to specifically focus on your social media- both responses and content. It can be very time consuming, and this is time you could put to better use growing and managing your business.



  • Focus on Your Content


We cannot stress this enough. Simply posting content isn’t enough; it needs to resonate with the readers after gaining their attention. By giving valuable content to your customers, they bring that value back in many different forms. Poor content might result into unfollowing you and not supporting your business or product.


Out of time or not your area of expertise? PRDA provides timely content creation catered to your company, in English, Traditional or Simplified Chinese. Their proven data driven process delivers predictable results driven by organic, real people action. Start by filling out the Free Facebook Report and Competitor Analysis here.


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