Gay Games: Community Sport, Culture and Education Event led by the LGBT+ Community

August 2, 2017



The Gay Games are so much more than a rainbow-colored Olympics, it focuses on acceptance of all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and sporting abilities. The term ‘Gay Games’ can be a little confusing to some, as this community sport, culture and education event is not just for the LGBT+ community. Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 will happily welcome anyone and everyone who loves sports, community and cultural events to participate!


It is notable that Hong Kong is the first city in Asia to ever be shortlisted- all thanks to the local LGBT+ community and especially thanks to the hard work of local LGBT+ group Out in HK.

Hosting the Gay Games in Asia would be a huge boost to the quadrennial sporting event, with its 4.3 billion inhabitants accounting for 60% of the world population! That is a ton of potential participants and spectators, most that have never been, or possibly never heard of the Gay Games before now. There is also the potential to really impact the Eastern world, as being Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual and so on, is much less widely accepted than in the Western sections of the globe. There is no doubt that Hong Kong’s hosting of the gay games will have a positive impact on promoting an  inspirational vision of inclusion and diversity throughout Asia.

In particular Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 will strive to have gender parity in as many sports as possible. The organisers will use targeted outreach and advertising to meet this goal, while recognizing the reality that many sports are more popular with some genders than others.

Scholarship opportunities will be offered to ensure that barriers are reduced for participants from countries all over Asia and the world.


The event will include everything that the Hong Kong’s diverse and multifaceted culture has to offer and benefits everyone, both local and worldwide.  For people who have never been to Asia it will be a chance to experience the kindness, the culture, the food  and the different ways of life of this part of the world.


We are very confident that Hong Kong can deliver the most diverse Gay Games yet!


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