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August 3, 2017



There are too many times when pork simply doesn’t get the praise it deserves. Perfectly at home as a simple supper yet also has a place on the table at a nice holiday dinner.  Scan’s flower fed pork is easy to prepare, ensuring you’re feeding your family a delicious, tender, and flavorful meal. Scan’s flower fed pork can be cooked any way you like- the high-quality fat is quick to prepare and stays juicy and tender longer, so cooking time is less critical.

The Pork Ribeye Steak in particular is incredibly tender and lean.  This cut originates from the center of the loin in the rib area, and can be purchased bone-in or boneless. These are sometimes referred to as a rib chop or pork chop and are one of the best cuts for grilling.


It’s grilling season, and nothing beats a juicy pork ribeye steak sizzling on the grill! Grilled pork ribeye is quick and easy to prepare. From weekend fun with friends to a quick weeknight dinner – and with a variety of seasonings and side dishes- your grill will be busy all summer long. What makes grilled pork ribeye so versatile? It’s amazingly quick to prepare!

The recommended cooking temperature is 60° C / 140° F, which only takes about 8 minutes on the grill!

Pro Tip: You can (and should) enjoy Scan’s flower fed pork pink- it’s a completely different gastronomic experience!


The length of cooking time ultimately depends on the thickness of your pork and the temperature of your grill. The best way to ensure perfectly cooked pork is to cook by temperature with a digital meat thermometer. Be sure to also let your pork rest for 3-5mins before slicing and serving.

Pork Ribeye is one of the least intimidating cuts to cook because of it’s simplicity. A simple salt and pepper seasoning is sometimes all you need!

Fresh from the Nordic countryside, Scan’s flower fed pork is really pure and fresh- the smell and taste is amazingly flavorful! You must pick some up to try today! Now available at these ParknShop Supermarkets: Kowloon Tong, Festival Walk – Discovery Bay Plaza – Stanley Plaza – Wan Chai, Hopewell Centre – Tai Tam, Hong Kong Parkview.

Don’t feel like cooking? Many top Chefs have chosen Scan’s tasty pork for their menus. Flower fed pork has been featured in over 50 Hong Kong restaurants since its 2016.01 debut!

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Asian Youth Orchestra World Tour with Vadim Repin

August 3, 2017



For those of you who are not familiar with the Asian Youth Orchestra, it is time to learn more about them and the exquisite work that they are doing! AYOHK is a Hong Kong based orchestra that is always trying to find new ways to improve their overall performance and take their musical talent to a whole new level.


Each year the orchestra goes on a major world tour around many continents and this year the young aspiring artists will visit Asia, North America, and Europe and perform in more than twenty different cities.   This year Vadim Repin, violinist, will star in several of the concerts being performed in Europe,

Who is Vadim Repin?

Without a doubt one of the greatest violinists of our times, Vadim Repin will be touring with the Asian Youth Orchestra this year.  Repin began learning music early on at the age of 3. First starting with the accordion and a flute, and finally meeting his musical companion, the violin, at the age of 5. At age 9 he gave his very first violin concert and from then on, dreamed only of becoming a great musician.


Repin has performed with many of the world’s greatest orchestras, including the Berlin Philharmonic and the London Symphony Orchestra, and released several acclaimed recordings.


Dates and Program

August 22nd : Palacio de Festivales, Santander, Spain. Click here for event info

The Asian Youth Orchestra along with Vadim Repin will be performing in Sala Argenta [Palacio de Festivales] at Santander, Cantabria at 20:30 p.m. If this event is close to you, you will definitely want to enjoy this amazing and unique experience.


August 23rd  : Kursaal, San Sebastian, Spain. Click here for event info.

The next day, the Asian Youth Orchestra and Vadim Repin will be attending the Kursaal Auditorium, and their performance will begin at 20:00 p.m. the program includes Chun-Wai Wong ‘As the Heart Soars’, Dmitri Shostakovich at a violin and orchestra concert and Gustav Mahler at the No.1 Titan symphony. Prices of the tickets start with only € 11.40.


August 30th : Konzerthaus, Berlin Young Euro Classic. Click here for event info.

Two days later, this amazing collaboration will be meeting again at Konzerthaus in Berlin at 20:00 p.m. You will be enjoying Joerg Thadeusz, James Judd and of course Vadim Repin. If you have a little extra time and you get there earlier, at 19:00 p.m there is going to be a pre-concert talk with Dieter Rexroth at the Werner- Otto-Saal you should definitely not miss.

Live Concerts

Whatever you do this summer, you have an amazing chance to enjoy some great artists of our time on stage. Go the official website of each event and get your tickets today, before they are sold out. This is a great opportunity to explore new horizons, as classical music comes to your city with a whole new aspect.


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Credit: Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA) provides branded content catered to your business, in English, and Traditional or Simplified Chinese.