Essential Tips for Taiwan Pride- Asia’s Biggest Gay Pride Parade


Taiwan’s 15th Annual LGBT+ Pride event is coming up fast, with the biggest Pride Parade in Asia planned for Saturday October 29th, 2017- but be prepared to celebrate all weekend long!

In 2016 over 80,000 people took part in the festivities, many traveling from across Asia and internationally. In comparison, the Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 are projected to host an  estimated 15,000 athletes and 40,000 visitors flock to Hong Kong to compete in approximately 36 different sporting events over the 10-day period in November 2022. Could we draw an even greater number of visitors, and rival Taiwan Pride? Perhaps! The Gay Games has never been hosted in Asia before, and with 60% of the world’s population living here- current projections could be on the low side.


But back to Taiwan Pride; each year Pride weekend brings  many parties and LGBT+ friendly events which always draw huge international crowds. Here are 3 things every Pride Newbie should know:

From mystical hot springs, fabulous gay saunas and bars, to world-class dance parties – Taipei’s gay scene has it all!


  • Be part of the fun! Wear a fun outfit- anything that makes you feel happy and sexy. Rainbows are big of course, glitter, heels, boas- be free and have fun with your pride outfit!


  • At the parade: Pick a float with music you like and walk with the crowd! Just enjoy the festivities, people watching and make some new friends!


  • Lastly, water is very important. Pack a small bag in your suitcase to take with you as you enjoy the festivities and pick up some bottled water before heading out. Believe us, you’ll need it!

If you love a challenge, teamwork, and diversity, then definitely consider registering for to be part of Gay Games Hong Kong 2022. This international multi-sport and culture festival will include everything that Hong Kong’s diverse and multifaceted culture has to offer and benefits everyone on the whole, especially the LGBT+ community.


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