Datum, Data and Cryptocurrency

September 8, 2017



The Cryptocurrency market is a phenomenon, and not many people realise its importance and how it will influence the future. After all, data is the new oil! Datum’s technology is just what you need in today’s data-driven world, allowing you to backup structured data in a secure, private and anonymous manner. (Datum also provides a marketplace where you can share or sell that data on your own terms!) It’s been a few years since the launch of the first Cryptocurrency and slowly but surely the whole ecosystem is turning into the financial system of the future. The bitcoin was worth just a single dollar 5 years ago, while now it has managed to touch the borders of the 5,000$ mark.

How Did Cryptocurrency Emerge?

Society is slowly losing faith in the current financial system. In all honesty, people are tired of random financial choices and crisis made by the 1%. That’s how the concept of blockchain cryptocurrencies emerged. The idea was to create a decentralised system, which prevents double spending without a single authority holding absolute power over it. The first attempts were a complete failure, and it wasn’t until “Satoshi Nakamoto”, pseudonym for the anonymous founder, that the first effective Cryptocurrency was born – the Bitcoin.


The concept came from the peer to peer file sharing networks. The main problem was the prevention of double spending while building a fully decentralised network. To be put more simply, centralised systems have a global authority which takes the responsibility to keep track of all transactions, preventing people to double spend, with decentralised systems that authority is gone. That’s why Satoshi Nakamoto made it so that each transaction would have to be verified by every peer in the network.

What is Datum?


It’s basically a database, which is backed by a blockchain ledger and operates on a decentralised level. It’s a platform and also a marketplace, which allows users to safely and privately share and trade data while setting their own terms. The process is as follows:


  1. The Datum user inserts the data, which is then encrypted by the network based on the respective terms set by the client.
  2. That data is saved by the node miners, which grants tokens to the miners
  3. A buyer who is interested in the data takes it under the given terms of the client. The data is purchased with tokens, which are then transferred to the original owner of the data.


The company is relatively new and is still going through a presale mode which will end on September 11th, 2017. The ICO main event will then begin on the 17th of October which will grant a good opportunity to interested parties to get a sizeable amount of tokens at the very beginning at a cheap cost.


Datum will be the next big thing and now is the time to take part in it! Be sure to  follow them on both Facebook and Twitter, as well as check out their communities on Slack And Kakao.


Connect with Datum

Website: http://www.datum.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/datumnetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/datumnetwork


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AYOHK’s World Tour, Pork Chop Recipe, Mooncakes + Google Earth

September 8, 2017


AYO World Tour : Tokyo and San Francisco

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Dear AYO Friends,


What a fast-paced three days. Here’s what our double bass coach David Sheets wrote about the Orchestra’s Mahler 1 under James Judd – our first concert this season in Tokyo:


“Bravi Asian Youth Orchestra…Last night you played your best Mahler 1 yet, including an excellent solo by double bassist Rey Vincent Sunglao. Remember what it feels like to play so confidently and passionately. Take risks. Give yourself completely to the music. See you in New York!”


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Enjoy Your Mooncake, Mindfully : Gourmet Skin Bar

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It’s nearly time for Mid-Autumn Festival and that means Mooncakes! You definitely should enjoy your mooncake, but perhaps in a more mindful way.  Gourmet Skin Bar cares for the beauty and well being of its clients, thus it’s important to us to address the topic of balancing food intake during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s easy to stray away from the conventional ways during the holidays when there’s the opportunity to feast on a large amount of food and especially the sweet, orange mooncakes.


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End of Summer Pork Chops – Taste of Scan

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September marks the end of summer; children back in school, and the days are starting to cool down. We are still, partially at least, in a summer mood. It’s the perfect time for an end of summer bbq, with Scan’s Flower-Fed pork and this recipe!


Often pork chops simply don’t get the praise they deserve. When cooked right, this lean cut is delicious as a tender, flavorful main course. Always ensure you use high quality pork meat, like juicy and tender Scan flower-fed pork that is simple to cook to perfection.


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Google Earth: New Tool for Conservationists

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In the year 2000, Jane Goodall, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, and Lilian Pintea explored Tanzania with Google Earth for the first time. They were shocked how Google Earth showed just how severe the deforestation was in the Gombe Forest, home of the chimpanzees Goodall had so famously studied in the 1960s. Chimpanzees had retreated to other areas because of the lack of food, water, and shelter due to the massive deforestation. If not quickly stopped, the chimps habitat would be completely destroyed.


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