Spotlight: Beautiful Botanical Gardens in South Korea

September 13, 2017


Everyone loves spring, right? If you’re ready for a holiday, and a break from the heat of summer, you may want travel to South Korea where there are many beautiful places to enjoy, and feel the refreshing feeling of spring year-round! When not sharing gastronomic experiences at one of the local dining establishment, we at The Ultimate Kaiser love to immerse ourselves in nearby culture. Like Korea’s greenhouse botanical gardens!


Read on to learn more about them…


epa04170871 A tourist looks at flowers in a Royal Greenhouse of Laeken in Brussels, Belgium, 18 April 2014. The 19th century greenhouses are set to open to the public for the annual display of flowers in bloom. EPA/JULIEN WARNAND ORG XMIT: JW02


  • Changgyeonggung Palace Conservatory: Due to its fairytale-like appearance, Changgyeonggung Palace Conservatory is one of the examples of modern buildings in Korean culture. Plus, the place is blooming with flowers of many kinds as well as bonsais.
  • Seoul Grand Park Greenhouse Botanical Garden: Located in the heart of Seoul Grand Park, this greenhouse botanical garden is a home to indigenous and exotic plants. It’s spread over an area of 2,825 m2 and divided into 4 huge halls that encompass the natural habitat of plants being kept.
  • Gapyeong Ewha Won Nabi Story: Ever visited a greenhouse in the middle of a river? Bet you haven’t! The Gapyeong Ewha Won Nabi Story offers you a unique experience with a sight of thatch-roofed houses and a different type of Korean garden at each step. Moreover, the Butterfly Eco Centre is a bonus to elevate your sense of nature!



  • Asan Botanical Gardens: The Asan Botanical Gardens offers the viewers a chance to capture the glimpse of floral beauties in form of flower festivals. You can also enjoy hand-on experiences, feed birds in the parrot enclosure, and lose yourself in the wonderful garden maze.
  • Ecorium at the National Institute of Ecology: Visiting this place is like watching two shows in a row. Yes, that’s true! You can now discover more than 1900 plant and 230 animal species from the 5 major climate zones of the world in one place! Awesome, isn’t it?



So, pack your bags and get ready for a floritistic adventure in South Korea with The Ultimate Kaiser!


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Have a Healthy Mid-Autumn Festival with These Tips

September 13, 2017



Mooncake is a traditional Chinese pastry eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. This celebratory pastry can cause you to gain weight, feel sluggish and  your blood sugar to spike.  We at utime Fitness know that working out goes hand in hand with eating healthy, and so as you prepare for the all-important Mid-Autumn Festival, it is imperative to keep an eye on what you eat. Strive to eat fewer mooncakes, and keep up with your workout regime during this celebratory time.

At some point of the day you will be tempted to stuff yourself with those delicious mooncakes, whether at breakfast or late in the evening the effect will be almost the same. Let’s look at things rationally.  Mooncakes contains a lot of sugar, and if eaten in the morning, your blood sugar level will surge and then crash mid-day, which will result in you feeling tired, sluggish and craving more sugary food. It is better to take mooncake as an add-on to your meal rather than the main course.


Traditional mooncakes are usually made of refined flour, sugar, butter, vegetable oil, and bean paste that is highly infused with sugar with/without egg-yolk. The acceptable daily intake of sugar should be no more than 10 teaspoons, and the content of a standard lotus mooncake contains about 16 teaspoons of sugar! As you can see, eating mooncakes in moderation is key to reaching your fitness goals.

A few things we at utime Fitness recommend is to simply cut your mooncake into smaller pieces and enjoy 1-2 pieces of it mindfully each day. You can also share your mooncake with your family and friends- even colleagues would enjoy a shared treat! You can also sip some tea with your mooncake, such as flower tea, green tea or oolong tea. These teas aid digestion and helps prevent body fat.


Torch those Mid-Autumn Festival calories and visit our utime location in Kennedy Town! Train any day, any time with 24/7 access to all of our studios and a NO CONTRACT monthly membership!


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PRDA: Fundamentals for Growing Your Startup

September 13, 2017



At Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA) we’re aware of how challenging, yet exciting it is to start your own business, as we’ve been a long lasting partner of many startups across Hong Kong, China and internationally.  The initial excitement may soon wan, as it soon becomes apparent how daunting it can be to make the company a success, or even just to keep it going.  To help, here are a few top tips to help you grow and expand your new business:


  • Target a small niche of consumers first


A common mistake entrepreneurs make is to have an idea and instantly try to spread their product out to every possible market. This can be quite counterproductive. Let’s take the “best” scenario possible where you get clients from all possible channels. Then what? Would you have the required resources to cater to the needs of all of them? You’d likely have to delay orders and/or provide poor quality services and products. Targeting a specific niche may bring clients in abit slower, however over time you’d have the available resources to expand and grow while marketing to more people. This is the way to long-term success.



  • Networking  and Key Influencers


Networking is one of the best possible ways to raise your brand awareness; it can be a really powerful thing to have people share your brand. Work on building an online network with key influencers within your industry. Look for industry events created with that particular purpose in mind- to go out, meet people, share your ideas and pitch! Apart from physical networking events, you could transfer that activity to the Digital Marketing world with bloggers and throughout different social platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. Branded content is crucial for Social Media Marketing.


  • Build a Database


Have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system working at hand. It’s essential that any possible contact you’ve made is put into it, so that you’ll be able to retarget them on a later stage with a new offer. Put in a subscription option on your website or offer a way to sign up for your personal newsletter, the possibilities of gathering a database of leads is practically endless. Be creative, and it will pay off in the future. CRM’s are usually paid, but there are plenty of simplified free versions out there, that will be enough for a startup to conduct its business properly without having to store information on a google sheet.




With Asia’s social media experts, PRDA (Prosperity Research Digital Agency), your business will prosper in no time. Whatever business you’re running, PRDA’s Social Media Marketing strategy’s provide you with all the Digital Marketing you need to lift your business up to the sky! Intrigued? You can get free Facebook report which will provide competitor analysis and valuable key metrics about your business like the performance percentage, business growth, engagements and much more. For further details, please visit:!free-facebook-report/c1kps


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Business during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

September 13, 2017



We at Primasia would like to remind our international business partners that a major Chinese Holiday is coming, the Mid Autumn Festival also known as the Mooncake Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, which means for Western Calendars that the 2017 Mid Autumn Festival will be held on October 4th-5th, when the moon will be at its prime, shining brightest and at its fullest form. The festival was originally meant to honour your ancestors and deities; however, it’s also the perfect time for networking events which lead to magnificent business opportunities and relationships.

New Zealand’s Approach

For decades the nation of New Zealand has recognised the opportunity to “exploit” that particular time of year in China, by creating a sequence of innovative and intriguing marketing pieces which connects with the feelings and the minds of the end consumer.


Businesses should take note of this approach and start thinking beyond the cliché greeting messages of wishing good holidays and etc. The Mid-Autumn Festival is the perfect opportunity to position your brand as one close to the virtues of the Chinese culture, thus creating friendly association throughout the local public.


It’s quite important to acknowledge the festivities as a foreigner, as that will show appreciation towards Eastern culture, where respect and appreciation could make the difference between a successful or failed partnership.

And of course, you must remember that this is an official holiday period, and all governmental sectors are closed as well as most privately owned businesses. This can create loads of opportunities to participate in networking events; eating mooncakes and drinking fizzy cocktails, while discussing the next business niche. Take a moment to buy a colleague a cup of coffee or tea and wish them a happy festival. (Mooncakes taste amazing with a cup of tea!)


Our corporate service professionals can provide market-entry solutions to maximize your startup time, reduce your time, costs and improve compliance. Contact Primasia today and let us guide you on running a business in Hong Kong and China.


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Mid-Autumn Festival : Gifts from Le Luxury

September 13, 2017



Mid Autumn Festival is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about ways to show your appreciation and care for family, friends and colleagues. It’s very popular to give gifts to friends and relatives during the Mid-Autumn Festival. During the festival, people will pay short visits to friends or relatives, giving said gift(s). Many businesses also like to give a gift to their staff members., the most popular and common gifts are mooncakes and fruit. By purchasing from Le Luxury, your gift will stand out. Marking you as someone unique and thoughtful. Le Luxury’s eBay shops host a large variety of high quality brands of both fashionable and fitness watches, sparkling jewelry, luxury pens and more at affordable prices.


Here are a few suggestions:

Add quirky and subtle detail to any look with the Swarovski Subtle Moon Bracelet. The delicate cupchain strand of crystals is interrupted with a moon motif and finished with a sliding closure to ensure the perfect fit.

The perfect gift for your colleagues! Top-quality German-crafted Schneider Ballpoint Pens with Viscoglide® technology for extraordinarily easy, gliding writing in fresh, transparent colours. Comfortable rubberised grip zone provides a secure hold for relaxed writing. This environmentally friendly pen uses the clever Plug+Play system giving it the ability to use a variety of refill formats.

Watches are back in style. What’s more, WeWood watches all have something that makes them special, with plenty of unique textures, colours and designs to choose from. WeWood watches are handcrafted, loaded with style and are the perfect unique gift for pretty much anyone!


Finding the perfect gift can be a tough job, but not anymore! At Le Luxury, a customer will never be disappointed, as  customer satisfaction is our top priority. Go start browsing today- Happy Shopping!


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Difference between Bespoke and Tailor Made: La Elite Fashions

September 13, 2017



Just like with everything else in life, the selection of your clothes is very important aspect of your personality. What you choose to wear is telling everyone else what you want to achieve, how serious your job is for you, even your current mood. La Elite Fashions specialises in ladies and gentlemens tailor made clothing.


Therefore, if you are interested in changing the way you choose your clothes, it is time to learn more about the bespoke and tailor made garments. Once you clarify those terms in your head, you will be able to handle your wardrobe on a higher level.

History: Bespoke vs Tailor Made

As the terms were born, their initial meaning was one and the same. Tailor made garments, according to the specific taste and measurements of the customer. Size, patterns, and colours were all decided by the particular customer at the moment of the creation.


Let’s take a look at the specific meaning that those terms have now so that we can separate their meaning in our minds.



Bespoke is the initial method of tailoring in which the customer has absolute control over the given garment. He can control the colours, the fabric and the overall style of the garment. This method requires multiple fittings so that the garment can fit perfectly the customer. Because it takes so much time, bespoke garments are much more expensive than any other ready to wear, made to measure or even custom made garment.

While you may choose everything, a good tailor like Danny will also use their experience and sense of style to help guide you in pushing those boundaries without going too far. For example, first-timers often make very showy suits, and then barely wear them (despite it being their highest quality and best-fitting).

Tailor Made

There are usually less choices than a bespoke clothing item, but the process is also alot quicker and less time-consuming.  La Elite Fashions can have your suit, or other clothing items ready within 24 hours! This has made many customers very happy. Otherwise the process is very similar to a bespoke item, with personalised measurements. It sounds like the best of both worlds.


Even the procedure is fulfilling. You get to meet your tailor and express all of your thoughts on what you’re looking for. You will love the amazing variety and perfect fit that La Elite Fashions will provide you. So head on over and visit their shop in Tsim Sha Tsui today!


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Successful Habits for Pilates Professionals : Polestar Pilates Asia

September 13, 2017



With your Polestar Pilates qualification in hand, you are clear on what your career goals are: it might be setting up your own Pilates studio or physical therapy practice or it might be to establish yourself at an existing business. Whatever the case, the challenges you will face in the future should not to be underestimated. With a clear objective in mind, you should start to plan out the next steps to your goal. Here are some simple healthy habits we, at Polestar Pilates Asia, recommend developing, habits that will help lead you to success! It is by no means an exhaustive list but it gives you a good start in developing healthy habits.

Take Initiative and Develop Experience

Find a placement at an established local practice, studio or gym and learn everything you can. They will know how to develop you as a movement professional. Ask questions, absorb all the hands-on and business knowledge you can and focus on becoming an expert in your field.


Develop Your Network

It’s important to invest time in the people around you. You’ve heard the saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? Well in this case it’s both! You must have the needed knowledge and develop relationships with the people around you. Whether they’re your friend, teammate, colleague or mentor, take them out for a coffee to pick their brain and solicit advice. Be sure to attend CEC courses and events where you can mingle with other professionals and share ideas and experiences. Polestar Asia will often organize such events such as our highly popular retreats and conferences.

Build Your “Brand”

Your reputation is one of your most valuable career assets and your credibility, personality and style all make up your personal brand. Ask yourself; how do your clients and colleagues perceive you? Spend time thinking about what you would look for in an instructor, and use that knowledge to help promote your career goals.


Register with the Pilates Method Alliance

We highly recommend that you register yourself with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). It is a governing body for the Pilates industry based in the US. The Polestar Pilates Asia comprehensive course meets and exceeds the requirements for inclusion on the PMA registry of schools.


Polestar Asia is here to help! Becoming a successful Pilates teacher or business owner is a wonderful journey that requires dedication, passion, and motivation. It is an achievable goal with the right knowledge, training and by building healthy habits to help accomplish your dream! If you are looking for the right place to start your career as a Pilates Instructor, or looking for Continuing Education Classes (CEC) to update and expand your Pilates Education, then Polestar Pilates Asia is the right place for you. Register today!


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Have a Yummy and Healthy Mid-Autumn Festival with Taste of Scan

September 13, 2017



It’s nearly time for Mid-Autumn Festival and that means Mooncakes! You definitely should enjoy your mooncake, but perhaps in a more mindful way. Taste of Scan believes in the philosophy that healthy eating does not have to be boring, bland or repetitive. With Scan’s flower-fed pork, you can enjoy tender, succulent meat while also benefiting from a boost in essential omega-3 fatty acids. And there are so many ways to enjoy pork! You can marinate it, roast it, or have it grilled, skewered, dry-rubbed, boiled, baked, barbecued, pan-fried or stir-fried.


Here are some tips on how to enjoy your mooncake this season, but in a healthier, more mindful fashion:

Share with your friends and family

  • Divide the mooncake into smaller pieces and share with your family and friends, creating happy moments as well as curbing an excessive intake of fat and sugar.


Drink tea

  • Enjoy some tea with your mooncake, such as flower tea, green tea or oolong tea.  These teas aid digestion and helps prevent body fat. Avoid carbonated beverages, loaded with calories and sugar, they increase the fattening effect of mooncakes.


Avoid having mooncake as your breakfast; or as a meal in general

  • Balanced nutrition is key to good health. This means you shouldn’t save your mooncakes and eat them as breakfast. Your meals should be balanced- good carbs, good fat and good protein. Mooncakes are high in sugar and if eaten in the morning will increase your blood sugar level. This results in a sugar crash later on, leaving you feeling more tired and craving more sugary food. Instead, enjoy one as a treat- preferably sharing with your family and friends.

In summary. mooncakes are delicious festival desserts, to always enjoy in moderation. Remember that you can make the most of your day eating healthy foods, enjoying every single bite and adding some truly amazing taste through the use of Scan’s flower-fed pork.


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Join GGHK2022 for the 2017 Great Wall of China AIDS Walk

September 13, 2017



Save the date! Sept 23, 2017 is the official launch date for the 5th Annual Great Wall of China AIDS Walk and we invite you to seize this opportunity to take action and make a difference! Several members of the Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 bidding team are currently fundraising and making plans to attend and show our support- and we invite you to join us! The 2017 China AIDS Walk will be a fun challenge as well as a great opportunity for networking with members from our diverse and energetic community.


Hundreds of other local and international activists, supporters and fans are anticipated to attend this  annual signature event Walk on the Great Wall. And this year an ambitious goal has been set: walk with 300 people and raise CNY 500,000 (about USD 75,000). With your support, China AIDS Walk will be able to continue and expand their existing services and programs in research & public education, providing small grants to youth-focused projects, building a national AIDS Walk network, and organizing anti-discrimination events.


Together we will be one step closer to the goal of ending AIDS by 2030.

Date: September 23, 2017 (Saturday)

Venue: Great Wall, Beijing, China (specific location will be released soon)

Hiking distance: about 15 KM (including optional route)

Difficulty level: Easy-Mild

Sign up and learn more:



Gear: light hiking shoes, outdoor clothes, hat, sunglasses, sunblock and etc. if your knees were hurt before or need extra care, we strongly recommend you wearing knee-protection or using walking sticks. The temperature is usually 18-26 degree Celsius. It might get chilly on the Wall, so please consider packing a few warm clothes just in case.


Medical Care: We have first-aid box, frequently used medicine for outdoor sports, and a professional medical care staff standby. If you take other medicines regularly, please prepare in advance.


Water/food/snacks: Please have some breakfast before departure (it’s pretty early so plan your time well). A company has kindly offered a simple lunch for each hiker. However, you are welcome to bring your own lunch or snacks.


Energy and good mood: Please rest well on Friday and get up early on Saturday. We hope to see an energetic and cheerful you on the Wall!

Since 2012, China AIDS Walk organizers have been driven to eliminate HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination. They also also raise funds for anti- discrimination initiatives and other grassroots projects helping people affected by HIV/AIDS. Participating in China AIDS Walk goes beyond fundraising; the event itself is a day of empowerment, tolerance, and education.


In 2022, Hong Kong hopes to have the opportunity to host the Gay Games in Asia for the first time ever. Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 will be an empowering experience for all – anyone can participate- regardless of ability, age, sexual orientation, race, gender, nationality, political or religious beliefs, ethnic origins, or HIV status- and let their passion for sports bloom without fear of being judged or stigmatized.


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Napue Gin and Pumpkin Cocktails : Bring Good Health to Your Mid-Autumn Festival

September 13, 2017



The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up, and we have just the thing you need- Napue Gin Pumpkin Cocktails!  What could be better than relaxing in a comfy chair sipping an amazing Autumn beverage? How about making a bunch of Napue Gin Cocktails and serving your friends and family!? Their happy smiles will say it all!


Napue Gin is named after the battleground of Napue and has a unique spicy, sweet, and chill flavor that both you and your guests will appreciate. Thankfully, Food Linkers have managed to export the magnificent beverage out of Europe, and into the Hong Kong market.

Now we’re going to provide you with the most amazing Mid- Autumn Festival cocktail – the Napue Gin Pumpkin Fizz.


What You Will Need for the Cocktail:


  • A Quarter of a teaspoon cinnamon
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • 1 Lemon
  • 3 ounces of Napue Gin
  • 2 ounces of pumpkin puree
  • 1 can ginger beer
  • 2 spoons of honey – size of the spoons per preference, the honey can be replaced by a different sweetener, but the taste will be different.

Create the Napue Gin Pumpkin Fizz Cocktail:

Muddle (mix well together) the the pumpkin puree and the honey in a bowl. Cut the lemon and squeeze the juice on top of the previous ingredients. Muddle all three of them together, until you receive a consistent colour. Once done, add your Napue Gin plus and put all of the ingredients into a shaker. Shake all of them for 20 to 25 seconds, and voila!


Pull out two cocktail glasses and divide the contents of the shaker evenly into them. Add a small amount of ginger beer on top and finish it with a garnish- we recommend a cinnamon stick or shavings. You’ve now created the perfect Mid-Autumn Festival cocktails to share with your favorite person- or make a bunch for a gathering. Autumn is the time of year to sit back, relax and observe and appreciate life.


You can order Napue Gin online at from either HK Liquor Store or The Tramline Liquor Co and create the above recipes at home- impressing friends and colleagues! Or find Napue Gin at several bars and restaurants across Hong Kong(Ozone Bar, Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour, The Pawn, Lilya, The Iron Fairies, Ophelia, Aberdeen Street Social, Brickhouse, MyHouse, FINDS).


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